My idea for the next fallout game.

fallout 4 - My idea for the next fallout game.

Back to new Vegas… kinda

Let’s say 50 years have past the courier married rose or Boone, they had two kids one male and one female and the wasteland is now the most recovered under the guidance of the couriers family and yes man, with secuitrons, and brotherhood of steel combined with the boomer, as the police and army.

The two siblings and yes man predict that the legion will attack in the near future and to insure complete survival is to upgrade the armament of their army by acquiring the advanced weapons and technologies that the US government had been developing at Area 51.

This is where the game can split base on your character choice. Do you take the brotherhood or do you take the the secuitrons to Area 51?

Area 51 is where a splinter group of the enclave is located. Where a old familiar face is. He and the enclave can be recruited to help the your character. Since to the west they have the NCR encroaching and to the northeast the legion, with their numbers dwindling they’re in need of help. But if you bring the brotherhood the enclave will not join you and youll have to takeeverything with forced, but if you have the secuitrons they will be impressed by the army and willing join you with the one request they get to over see how the technology is used to help humanity or upright destroy preventing it to ever be used again.


Once the technology is back to Vegas, you’re informed that the legion has started to move towards Vegas. You and you sibling, yes man, and the leaders of BOS and possibly enclave (depending on your actions), decide the best move is to surprise attack with the full might of the army.

You and your army meets with the legion only to find the legion forces ready and waiting much closer than expected, back around Area 51. Where a decisive battle for the whole region takes place.

And of course you have you side quest, vaults to explore, huge weapon selection and ammo selection, and just the good old fallout. And continue playing once you beat the game

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