My ideal fallout 5 + DLC; And what would you like?

fallout 6 - My ideal fallout 5 + DLC; And what would you like?

Hello, this is my very first reddit post, so I hope you will be understanding if I make some errors. It would be greatly appreciated if, after reading you could comment, and say what you think about my ideas, without being afraid to criticize.

It's also cool if you'd leave a comment about what youd'like in the next Fallout game (factions, setting, enemies, mechanics,…)

So, without further ado, would like to present my ideal Fallout 5, mostly on the topics of setting/ worldbuilding, with some insights into story and also possible DLC.

Also, more in general, this post is going to be more about new things in the game (setting, factions,…), than things I would like to return from older games. Of course I would like refined gameplay, and smooth shooting. Also I would like a lot of customization and freedom of choice with the situations in the game.

Story: I’m not very competent regarding the writing of a story, so I won’t be saying anything detailed, that might be for another post. What I am going to say is a general structure that I would like for the story, concerning its place within the world. I want the story to be more a story about the adventures of the protagonists and the many themes it can explore, than tying too directly into the political climate of the setting. What I mean is like this: I don’t want the different endings to be the faction endings, unlike for example Fallout 4, where each ending was for each major faction. An example that comes to mind is The Witcher 3, where the “political” ending was decided by a chain of side quests, while the main quests had their own set of main endings. Like in the Witcher, or Fallout New Vegas, however some tie in with the two storylines is good, if written well, and not too overbearing.

Protagonist and progression: I do not have much to say here, I might save something for another, specific post. What I’d like would be for the developers to bring back the old system, like in New Vegas (skills, perks and traits), and also to have a more “blank protagonist” than in Fallout 4 (so no complete backstory and voice acting).

Another thing I would like to see, is a combination of the various systems that were used in the Fallout games to judge the character’s actions: the one that made more sense was the one in NV, where each faction and community had its own judgment of the player. I still liked the companion judging by the followers in Fo4, but it should be parallel to the other systems. Finally, for Karma: if you murder someone, but no one sees you, you should loose “personal karma” but the entire wasteland shouldn’t know that you murdered this person. If you are seen , however you should loose reputation only with factions allied to that person, and only if the ones who see you realistically can inform these factions.

I’ve also seen that people like the idea of having different races to choose from, I also like the idea but I think it would be very difficult to implement, at least in the way many people intend, which is choosing from the beginning, like in The Elder Scrolls. Something that could be more plausible according to me would be having the player be mutated/changed through choices in the game. As an example: the player can offer himself as a test subject for the Master’s chosen (see below), to be the first mutated with a new strain of FEV, or long term radiation exposure could transform him into a ghoul. Of course this would radically change the way the game is played, with advantages like RAD resistance, but people being more discriminative, or some factions outright refusing to cooperate with them.

Side quest design: the quest journal should be divided into “Main story” “Side quests” and “Activities”, of course story quests are found in the first section. In the second section there should be the actual side quests, well written quests, hopefully with more than just two endings and branching paths. In the “Activities” there should be the classical fetch quests and camp eliminations, I say this because sometimes I like to just test out some new weapons and gadgets. The thing is these activities shouldn’t be forced down the player’s throat, like wit Preston Garvey, I was thinking about something like a bulletin board.

Weapons: I liked the customization system in Fo4, but it somehow lowered the number of actually diverse weapons there were. I’d generally like more weapons, and the ditching of Legendary system. For unique weapons I want them to be truly unique, in look and function, and earned in a unique way (like through a quest), not just “oh cool, this weapon that dropped from a random ghoul fires cryo projectiles for some reason”. I think you get my meaning.

Setting : this is one of my main points. I heard several plausible locations for Fallout 5 to take place in; many of them outside the US, like China, or the UK. I however, think that the “American” vibe is a defining aspect of the series, and that having a game set outside the US would be like stripping the game of part of its Fallout identity. That said, I think that DLC could well be set outside of the US, more on that later.

So, what do I think to be the “perfect” setting for Fallout 5: I think it’s the American Central South region, specifically Texas and its surrounding states. Here are my motivations: the main one is diversity, by that I mean in landscapes and biomes, this would make the map much more diverse than Fo4, 3 or NV.

You could have a more edified and industrialized region in the central part of Texas, where current big urban areas like Houston, Austin and Dallas are located, this region would be reminiscent of previous Fallout games, especially Fo 2, around the region of the NCR, where Vault City is located.

Then, going North towards Colorado you would first encounter the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and going even further the mountains would get bigger and more rugged, the perfect spot for renegade and outcast factions, and some shady prewar government schemes.

Going West, towards New Mexico and the Mexican border there would be a more desert looking region, more reminiscing of the Mojave Wasteland, with similar cowboy and western vibes. A good capital for this region could be El Paso, and I see a lot of plausible conflict that could happen over this area, between new and/or existing factions.

Finally going East, towards Louisiana and the Bayou you would find a very swampy and vegetated area, kind of like the swamp in the South of Fo4’s map, but more overgrown and dangerous. Here you’d find the most horrible mutated creatures, and for human inhabitants, you would have tribal populations, and of course, mysterious Voodoo worshipers.

After this very extensive talk about diversity, here are some other reasons I like Texas as a plausible location. There is the fact that Texas as a location has the right amount of knowledge and mystery about it, I mean from a whole series perspective: it is mentioned quite often (and even has a spin off game set there, which however is mostly considered non canon), but details are never mentioned too much, leaving enough space for completely new factions and ideas, but also returning ones with slight variations.

Another final reason is that I consider it quite “central” as a location, not only from an American perspective, where it is basically where East meets West, but it is also quite open to the rest of the world, having Mexico in the south West, and the Caribbean in the South, South-East, more on that later, under DLC.


Timeframe: the game should be set around 2265. For reference: Caesar’s Legion is on the rise, conquering tribe after tribe in the north. Enough time has also passed, so that the NCR and RNT (see below) have had enough time to expand into functioning nations.


Republic of New Texas (RNT): kind of like Vault City was founded by descendants of Vault 8 dwellers, this Country was founded by descendants of another control vault located in the Texan Heartland region, specifically Austin. However unlike the NCR which incorporated Vault City, the city of New Austin is both the founding city and the capital of the RNT, with the former state capitol serving as the Government building. Also unlike the NCR, the RNT isn’t based on a prewar state but on the sovereign nation that was the Republic of Texas, from 1835 to 1846. I envision the governing party to be somewhat split between embracing full independence for the nation, like in the olden days, or allying with the NCR to form a unified USA. The protagonist could be a major player in this decision.

NCR expeditionary force: It’s a detachment of NCR rangers and troopers sent to negotiate with the RNT about a unified America. They would be located somewhere in the west of the map, towards New Mexico. The relationships between the two countries can be mediated peacefully, or with conflict. Through the decisions of the player the state of the relationship throughout the game can change. It can range from full fusion, to peaceful cooperation, to a state of cold war, to all out conflict, with the NCR invading Texas.

Kingdom of the Cougars: Because of the spread of Caesar’s Legion, to escape subjugation they had to flee from their former territories in Colorado and Utah. This results in them settling in territories claimed by the RNT, with which they are in conflict. This “kingdom” is more like loose confederation of tribes, residing in the north of the map. They have an official king who resides in the Stronghold, a base on an island in a mountain lake, which acts as the capital of the kingdom, but the single chieftains do mostly as they please, each of the tribes is characterized by different elements of society/aesthetics. A quest line I envision is the player helping in a matter of succession, after the death of a king. Here are a few of the tribes:

-The Master’s chosen: their end goal is to install a Super Mutant master race, like the Master wanted in Fallout 1. They are a remnant of the Master’s army, some are very radical in their beliefs, while others are more moderate, and thanks to those the player can interact with them. They reside in a prewar lab in the Rocky Mountain foothills, where they experiment with FEV. If one of them becomes King of the Cougars, they will start to bring their experiments and mutations onto a greater scale.

-The Highway Vikings: they are highwaymen, who control the highest mountain passes to the northwest, they try to act diplomatically, demanding fees to travelers, but most of them are actual pillagers, who enslave, rape and raid to their hearts content. Like the name suggests, they are very rugged, and masters of survival. If the player wants to join them, parts of their initiation ritual are very brutal, which will negatively affect reputation with many factions.

-The Comanche: descending from actual Native Americans, they are a proud seminomadic people, who greatly esteem mutated horses, which they breed to have the perfect steed. Their aesthetics are inspired by classical native American looks ( tents, feather decorations,…). They reside mostly in the northeast, towards Oklahoma, in the great plains and are, as said, seminomadic. They are mostly quite peaceful, and try to stay out of conflict.

The Enclave, Southern department: they are safe hidden in Vault 1 which is the vault in which all the experiments are monitored. Along with the lead scientists of Vault Tech they have a very heavy influence on the politics of the region through an advanced network of spies and politicians in disguise. They are also among the best armed and armored fighters, however due to their small numbers, if they are discovered and brought out of hiding, they can be defeated by much larger armies. Their goal is to repopulate the wasteland with “pure” human beings, and they are extremely discriminative towards ghouls and mutants.

The Texas chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel: their initial goals were the recovery and preservation of prewar tech and another reason they are in Texas is to hunt down the Master’s chosen. During the game however they are reduced to mercenaries, and looked down upon by the original West Coast BoS. They have an uneasy alliance with the RNT, where they often fight along their armed forces in the conflict against the expanding tribes in the north, but for diverging goals.

The Worshipers: they live in the swamps of the Bayou to the east, and are known to have mysterious religious tendencies, inspired by Voodoo. They are very ruthless, capturing and selling slaves, and manufacturing drugs from plants growing in the bogs, which they sell to residents of the RNT, in the more lawless regions.

Settlements: as with the side activities I mentioned earlier, settlement building shouldn’t be forced down the player’s throat. They should also be self-sufficient before the player interacts with them, he/she can then improve and modify them. There should be some kind of natural and logical way to acquire and manage them (all optional of course). The settlements should also be tied into the faction that controls the areas and if there is a skirmish over one between two factions, it should change hands. This could make for a very engaging mechanic, kind of like the turf wars in GTA San Andreas.

DLC: I mentioned earlier that I like Texas because it is so “central”, so I think there is a lot of directions in which the DLC could bring us.

Mexico: we know little about how Mexico fares after the War, so we could go southwest to explore the country and its unique factions. The plotline could be about remnants of a prewar cartel, with large scale drug running operations in the border to the US. We also know that at one point the US invaded Mexico before the war, so there could be some interesting lore. Another interesting part of Mexican culture is the Festival of the Dead, with very iconic aesthetics.

The Caribbean: due to Texas’ location on the Gulf of Mexico, and It’s relative proximity to prominent places in the Caribbean, we could see a DLC that brings us there. For example we could help establish a colony for the RNT, or help the inhabitants of the Islands repelling the settlers. Other themes that can be explored are slavery, and pirates, seeing the history of the region, and of course expand about the Voodoo themes of the Worshipers.

North: maybe in a DLC we can encounter Caesar’s Legion, who are expanding in the territories of Utah and Colorado. We could go even more to the north, towards Wyoming and Montana, I see something very unique could be done if Yellowstone was used as a location.

I actually didn’t think I would write so many details, but I definitely had a lot of fun.

If you took your time to read everything I thank you a lot!! It would be greatly apreaciated if you left
feedback in the comments, and too, write what you'd like in Fallout 5 (quests, setting, factions,…).

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