My ideas for a Fallout 5 set in Virginia proper.

fallout 2 - My ideas for a Fallout 5 set in Virginia proper.

Fallout 5

You start looking at the closing Vault Blast Door, a gold 9 emblazed on the center of it. Except something's wrong, you're on the outside. The microphone on the terminal portion to open the door sparks to life. A male voice, vey old, speaks up.

He says that you're exiled, for good. That you can't come back. The microphone says that you committed three crimes, the maximum allowance of crime within the vault. Then you get to choose. The skill menu comes up, with things like "Unauthorized use of Laser Weaponry" (Energy Weapons), Assault and Battery (Unarmed), Assault with a deadly weapon (Melee Weapons). The intercom then gets quiet, and says that they're sad it had to come to this. They say you did well on the SPECIAL exams, and the GOAT. This is where you get to pick your special. What he says after this is left up to your special. For example, if you have a high strength, he'll say that you were a kicker for the Vault soccor team. If you have high Agility, you were a gymnast, ETC.

Depending on the way the game is designed, you might be able to pick your traits. The guy on the microphone will describe you. If you have wild wasteland he might tell you that you were always spaced out. He then clears his throat and tell you to get out of there.

At the end of this cutscene, you look down and see pieces of broken glass. The camera focuses on one piece and you get to create your character. The default character is (for once) a female. You can change that, however. (The glass is lit by spotlights at the vault door).

You look up, there's a pile of rubble blocking a giant exit to the cave the Vault was in. Yellow paint tells the player character to go up a ladder. As you go up the ladder (it takes about 20 seconds to scale the ladder) the opening that the ladder leads to slowly replaces the rock for Vault-Tec metal. The metal opens up to a metal door. You connect your Pip-Boy 2000 to the door's interface and the door opens up. It's an observation room.

As you enter, a hand-made sign points to a crate, the sign says "supplies". You open the crate (this isn't a cutscene, it's interaction) and you get a weapon (what weapon depends on the skills picked. Energy Weapons gives you a low-condition "Handmade Laster Pistol"), 2 to 5 stims based on your doctor skill, and either a combat knife or machete based on your melee weapons skill.


There's a terminal station like the ones you use at the Hoover Dam or Vault 87, and there's broken glass. You have some choices here. You can interact with the terminal station and open up a master locked floor safe that contains more equipment, such as an army helmet and a 10mm pistol. Or you can just not do that. Both lead to you jumping out of a hole in the glass into a little pit of water. If you chose the wild wasteland trait you can swim backwards when you jump out instead of going into the wasteland, there you find a little outcrop above the water, it has a hollowed out rock with two face masks in it. One is red, and is labeled "Bloody Mask", there is a blue one labeled "Crypt Mask". This is a reference to the Bloods and Crips.

As you venture into the wasteland you get your first taste of Freedom. You see a sign that tells you you're in Langley Fork Park, a park area a little west of the C.I.A. HQ. In the distance you hear gunfire. If you go north you very soon hit the invisible wall, near the George Washington Memorial Parkway. If you go east an electrified fence stops you around a 5 minutes walk east from Colonial Farm Road. Along that way is a raider spawn that usually is a tiny little bit too tough.

Continuing south from the vault you see a small community called "Pitch". It was built in and around a little league baseball diamond. The gate guard points his gun at you and forces you into conversation. He tells you the name of the community and then asks where you're from. You have three options.

"A Vault north from here." "What's it to you?" and "A farm to the west of here."

Option 1 grants you 25 exp, 2 gives you 10 exp, and 3 a random amount from 10 to 30.

When you continue into the "lobby" you see a clothes merchant, who gives you an item called "A Welcome to Pitch". It's a Misc pamphlet that you can't actually read, but it important later into the game. If you continue south from Pitch you see their walls until you reach a trail. You can find a brahmin trader there. When talking to the trader you may express disgust at the Brahmin, or not react and just trade.

When you reach the second little league diamond there's a group of raiders, who, if you had inquired with the clothes trader about work, would have pointed you here to eliminate the raiders. If you killed the raiders first and then came to the trader you would get 100 caps, if you killed them afterwards you would get 100 caps, but then could barter up. Both times you could refuse payment for the first appearance of the possible Karma system.

I will continue this laster.

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