My ideas for Fallout 5 [AMA]

fallout 1 - My ideas for Fallout 5 [AMA]

After I saw u/MediaMix1 make something like this, I thought I would dip my toes into doing this.

— Setting

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Year: 2341

Month: December

— Major Factions

Name: New Michigan

Ideals: Rule of Many

Leader: President Granite

Description: New Michigan is very similar to the NCR in concept, they were formed out of the Settlement, New Detroit, which took up most of Downtown Detroit. They are a shining beacon of democracy in an area shrouded in a furious winter, opposing Raider gangs. Is New Michigan truly for the people? Or is something going on behind the curtain.

Enemies: The 2nd Unity, The Uprising, The Midwestern Enclave

Name: The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel

Ideals: Rule of Progress

Leader: High Elder Lexicon

Description: The Midwestern BOS is, at the start of the game, nothing more than a few Recon Squads, and Knights. After taking the bunker, Epsilon-30, they have riled up the Midwestern Enclave, wishing to take back Epsilon-30. In order to defend against the Midwestern Enclave, they have made a tight alliance with New Michigan.

Enemies: The 2nd Unity, The Midwestern Enclave

Name: The 2nd Unity

Ideals: Rule of One

Leader: Thradd, The Unifier

Description: After the Super Mutant, Thradd, escaped the explosion in Mariposa Military Base, he made a long trek across the wasteland before stopping in Detroit, Michigan, seeing the viability of the Great Lakes Nuclear building. He began producing an army of Super Mutants, Ghouls, and other mutant monstrosities. Now, Thradd has become a large mass of flesh, seemingly having a telepathic like connection to Super Mutants, Ferals, and all mutant beasts.

Enemies: Everyone in Detroit

Name: The Uprising

Ideals: Rule of Few

Leader: Warlord Seattle

Description: Warlord Seattle, conqueror of many formed The Uprising to combat the rule of New Michigan and anyone who questions their conquest of Michigan.

Enemies: New Michigan, The 2nd Unity

Name: The Midwestern Enclave

Ideals: Rule of Few

Leader: General Hilges

Description: After the explosion on the Poseidon Oil Rig in the West, the original Enclave sent soldiers almost all over Pre-War America, they sent soldiers to the Mojave Wasteland, Washington D.C, Mexico City, Canadian Colombia, and Chicago.


After defeating their foes in Chicago, they set their sights on the Great Lakes Nuclear building and Epsilon-30 in Detroit, Michigan.

Enemies: The 2nd Unity, The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, New Michigan

— Minor Factions

Name: The Bazaar

Ideals: Rule of None

Leader: N/A

Description: The Bazaar is a loosely organized trading hub, keeping trade operational in Detroit.

— Player's Backstory

The Backstory is optional! The following options are;

Escaped Vault Dweller

BOS Deserter

Enclave Deserter

Bazaar Hobo


Lone Bandit




— Companions

Name: Jutsy

Faction: N/A

Race: Robot

Description: Jutsy is a broken down Mr. Gutsy you can find in an old RobCo warehouse in Downtown Detroit. If you have a Repair Skill over 65, you can repair him and enlist him as a companion, he'll be as about as strong as Codsworth.

Name: Sergeant Harrison

Faction: New Michigan

Race: Human

Description: Harrison is a New Michigan Sergeant who tags along with you if you complete the New Michigan Quest: Restore the Army Corps.

Name: Paladin Jayes

Faction: The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel

Race: Human

Description: Jayes is a BOS Paladin that you can recruit after the Midwestern BOS Quest: Prisoners of War

Name: Crusher

Faction: The 2nd Unity

Race: Super Mutant

Description: He can be recruited as soon as you join the 2nd Unity

— Minigames, Additional Stuff, ETC

— Settlements

(New Mechanics)

– Settler Roles (Mayor, Guard, Chief of Guard, Constructor, Architect, Farmer, etc)

– More snappables

– Formable Factions by taking over Settlements

— Caravan

– You know what it is..

— Option to be a peaceful ghoul

— Option to be a Super Mutant (required to join the 2nd unity)

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