My issues with the new quest line. A solo player’s perspective.

fallout 4 - My issues with the new quest line. A solo player's perspective.

I don't have many friends but the ones I have absolutely refused to play this game because of all the bugs and the poor performance. Sadly the new quest line requires a teammate to be completed. So I managed to talk my friend into joining for few minutes, just so I can revive her and get my backpack. Here is what happened :

In order to complete the quest and get the backpack you need to earn 3 Tadpoll(?) badges (out of 8 i think) and to revive a teammate. It doesn't matter which ones so I figured out the easiest ones should be Athlete badge, Archery badge and Swimming badge.

The Archery and Athlete are pretty easy until you get to the exams (the ones you do on the terminal). As a person living in Europe I know nothing about Baseball or American presidents, so answering the questions from the Athlete exam was impossible without the help of Wikipedia. Felt like being in school rather than playing a game but anyway I buckled up and finished the exams. Almost done, the only thing left was to revive a friend. Sound easy, right? Not so much…

  1. Since people in this game rarely die if they don't want to, I had to make my friend kill herself so I can revive her.
  2. The tricky thing is how to make this under water. Newsflash – you can't revive while swimming, just as you can't shoot weapons, throw grenades etc. … So I had to be in water but not swimming.
  3. We tried again. This time she will stay near the shore and throw a grenade in her feet in order to suicide. This should work, right?
  4. WRONG! It appears there is some kind of bug preventing her from "Calling for help" thus making me unable to revive.
  5. After 40 minutes of killing herself over and over again, server hopping, logging in and out, leaving the party and joining again we were frustrated, angry and tired. I decided to try something else. I will try to get Hunter's badge and revive my friend when she is out of the water (figured out the water was somehow preventing me from reviving).
  6. Did the whole Hunter's badge and asked my friend to join again so I can just revive her and get it over with.
  7. The bug was still there though and we had to spend another 30 minutes forcing the game in different ways but finally she jumped off a cliff for a 15th time and this time it worked. I revived her and she logged off immediately after.
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In conclusion :

  1. Even though Bethesda said this game will be playable as a solo player, my experience tells otherwise.
  2. If Bethesda are trying to get more people to play this game, they should focus on bug fixing, user experience, optimization and improving performance. This is what pushed people away. Not the lack of cosmetics in the shop or the lack of p2w elements. After what me and my friend endured, I doubt she will ever play the game again. And she is kinda right. She compares the game to Far Cry (she is a big fan of both franchises) and sadly I can't explain why Fallout 76 is better than New Dawn.
  3. Quests designed to hinder player's progress and slow them down artificially is not the way to go. Either do something cool and fun or focus on improving what we already have. New content that comes with new bugs on top of old bugs is a recipe for disaster. It is a ticking time bomb!

I wanted this post to be more of a constructive criticism than some rant. I genuinely love this franchise and I am sticking with Fallout 76 despite everything. I usually don't share my opinions but since I consider myself a part of the "silent majority" I needed to say something this time. What do you think folks? Did you encounter the same issues?

P.S. I apologize for my poor English but hopefully you can understand most of what I wanted to say.

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