[My Journey in Fallout 4]

fallout 2 - [My Journey in Fallout 4]

Hey I am doing a modded playthrough of Fallout 4, I wanted to write my journey, with

Journal of the Sole Survivor, This is so far what I wrote, if y'all still interested please give me criticism because I am crafting a story of a man in hardship and loss. Who will eventually thrive in this harsh and cruel world.

My home, my life, my country. It's all gone, I couldn’t imagine it. Things were bad, but I never thought America and China would do it. MAD was our insurance, now madness is all I see. My world is gone, I keep saying that and nothing can get me to believe it. I wish someone would just slap me to get me to understand it all. Some monster, bald, scarred, and a 44 in hand managed his way into Vault 111 with a woman I think wearing some sort of hazmat suit. Took my son Shaun away, and shot her, my beloved wife. I returned home to Sanctuary after I left the vault, the trees and grass are green, a sign of life that has returned at the very least. To my suprise Codsworth, my old Mr.Handyman was still active, 210 years had passed since the bombs fell.I nearly fell over myself, it has been two centuries and yet nothing returned, where is society, civilization, and laws? Is the future of humanity really that far gone?


I stayed in Sanctuary for the day, I got this old holotape from her and Shaun, guess she had it made when I deployed, both our rings, and Codsworth, he gave me the holotape to remember the good times. Just about the few things I have left to remember the good times. Nothing really brought closure though, I know I can give up all of these things in exchange for Shaun, is it all too much to keep my baby boy? Is this new world this cruel? Where my friendly and sometimes annoying neighbors wished my wife and I on the new arrival, the sunday cookouts where the fellas made some old fashion american stakes, cool beverages clinking as the game played, where Rosa and her boy baked us some apple pie in celebration. It was stale to me, coming back from war makes you feel more alone with your own thoughts, but in the end I prefer it than this objectively worse outcome.

With what I took from the vault, a high browning, my rings, and a couple of medical supplies and food. Seems like a decent load, but I finally ran out of food after what? My third day on the surface, God knows I need to be careful in water consumption. Codsworth warned me that radioactive levels are high in the river just under the bridge. Not advisable for consumption, I needed to scope out. Codsworth suggested eating sugar bombs, sorry I know America’s advanced preservation tech allows it not to rot, but the last thing I want was 200 year old possibly soggy and radioactive cereal. He suggested scoping out animals, doubting any deer would graze in these parts. When we started to search the old houses, to my surprise I saw giant flies, I met some giant roaches in the vault. Jesus, what fucked up world did the pre-war governments brought to allow giant insects? In the end, I manned up and I ate them, did everything to keep myself from throwing up from the experience. Turns out the meat loses its radioactive traits once properly cooked.

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