My Last Hour in 76

fallout 2 - My Last Hour in 76

I had already finished the game over a long week of playing by myself and got to level 44, launching a nuke and trying to take down the Queen. I already got the survival weekly legendary weapon and i had already spent all the 1820 Atom points earned on the Blackbird paint bundle, but i still had not built a full set of X-01, since i wasn't a high enough level yet to use it, so i had to settle with an Excavator PA.

I noticed that a major missing piece was oil, did some research and found out that Blackwater Mine is a (no pun intended) gold mine for oil, so i got out of the Whitesprings Resort and fast-traveled to the mine to avoid wasting any more time.

The first thing i hear is the screech of a Scorchbeast, i glanced up at the sky and saw that it was a Level 80 one to be exact. My two-handed melee/riflesman build was no match for the mighty monster, and no vault dwellers could come to my aid. So i decided to get it's attention and lure it to the resort so that the local Sentry bots could give me a hand.

This led to 10 minutes of constant gunfire and explosions, but eventually, it went down.

I had plenty of space left in my inventory so i set out for the mine again, scrounged up the remains of fallen Mole Miners, and went back to the resort with more oil than i could ever use.

I still didn't have enough materials to create my very own shiny armor, so i decided to go out on another material run, but the clock was against me.

Coming out of the resort, i hear not one, but 2 screeches. Curiousity lead me to the parking lot right outside the building, and there they were. For some unexplainable reason, 2 Scorchbeasts had found their way onto the quiet resort and decided to wreck mayhem, but this time i already knew what i had to do.


More gunfire, more explosions, and more bloodshed.

Suddenly, a third mighty one appeared, with it, another fellow Vault Dweller stumbled upon the battlefield, but instead of cowering inside, he decided to join me.

The third quickly died as he came with not much health,

Eventually they came down, and mixed with the few ghouls that for some reason came for me in this chaos, i had gained 2 whole levels.

But it realised that it was too late to start gaining resources for my masterpiece, so i just decided to fast travel to a certain place in the Bog in which i could get some free power armor pieces. Got what i was looking for, and changed server.

Spawned back in,

It would seem that my Knight has reached a plain abstract from Appalachia, the dragons wanted to salute me, but after this short exchange, trying to go to the menu made the game crash;

and that was it.

Even if i was disappointed by the game's stability, i still hunger to complete the set, but i quite honestly don't see the game being worth the price that it's being charged for, so my Super Sledge Knight's adventure shall end here, for now, maybe.

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