My lead-grabbing route to help others

fallout 7 - My lead-grabbing route to help others

My usual lead route is as follows. Using a survival tent can help so you can scrap the lead weights/other junk/weapons in order to continue fast traveling, especially after looting the Monorail and the Silos. I make sure I have scrapper perk active for when I scrap weapons and armor. I picked this route as there are very few enemies thus making the trip somewhat fast. Plus, my C.A.M.P. is near the golf course so it is a quick walk to get home when I am done.

There are other locations for lead including more can chimes, kids toys, pencils, wood blocks, paint cans, etc. I just don't usually bother with those unless I am nearby.

This route can typically give about 500-600 lead plus other scrap without much effort. Your yield will depend on if others have looted the location and/or if the silos are locked.

  • Start at Camden Park. This will give me the daily event. I grab all the toys, wooden blocks, and the can chimes. I usually clear this place to get all the steel from the junk, power armor, and weapons, too.

  • Fast travel to Charleston Fire Department and grab/scrap all the lead weights in the gym. I grab some of the junk for copper and steel.

  • Fast travel to Silo Charlie and grab/scrap all the lead weights in the gym.

  • Fast travel to Spruce Knob Lake. Kill/avoid the numerous mirelurks and then enter the cave located in the lake that has 3 can chimes.

  • Fast travel to the Monorail Elevator and grab/scrap all the lead weights. I usually grab the cement bags, too.

  • Fast travel to Silo Alpha and grab/scrap all the lead weights in the gym.

  • Fast travel to Silo Bravo and grab/scrap all the lead weights in the gym.

  • Fast travel to Eastern Regional Penitentiary for the can chimes at the broken wall, the weights in the workout yard, weapon drops from the supermutants, and assorted junk around the yard. I do not go inside the penitentiary as I am making a quick run and don't feel like dealing with the enemies and the corridor maze.

  • Fast travel to Big Al's Tattoo Parlor. Then head for the red door at Vault-Tec University that is just behind Big Al's. Once inside the first door on the right will have some lead weights.

  • Fast travel to Green County Lodge and grab/scrap the lead weights in the work-out room.

  • Fast travel to The Whitespring Golf Course and grab/scrap the can chimes in the two doorways.

Also, I occasionally put on my Excavator Power Armor and plunder the lead ore nodes in Lucky Hole Mine. Afterwards, smelting the ore with super-duper rank 2 can easily give 1000-1200 lead depending on how many ore nodes you grabbed and how often super-duper procs. You just need to make sure you have the acid to do the smelting.

If you do all of the above then you can very easily get almost 2000 lead each day.

u1zhGzj - My lead-grabbing route to help others


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