My Lengthy Prediction and kinda a wish list For the ‘Wastelanders’ Update. (some evidence included)

fallout 6 - My Lengthy Prediction and kinda a wish list For the 'Wastelanders' Update. (some evidence included)

'New Main Quest', 'New Events', 'New Features' and 'More'. 'Wastelanders', Fall 2K19. 'Embark on a tale with true choice and consequence in 'Wastelanders'- our biggest and most ambitious update for 76. Watelanders will include a new main quest line, new factions, new events, new features and even more surprises.

That Is all the information that Bethesda have given us in the Road map for the upcoming DLC for fallout 76. That is nothing. Now, yes, it IS 5-6 months away but we could have gotten more information.

That is why I am here today.

I have compiled evidence toward the plot, location, features and factions of this DLC. And you're luck must be at 10, because I'm about to share it with you.

At the end of this post is a summary of evidence if you want to skip ahead, but please don't make any sort of criticism until you have read the whole thing.

What do all great Bethesda games DLC have in common? Morrowind – Bloodmoon Expansion, You use the boat in Khuul to travel to the docks of Fort Fostmouth. Fallout 3 – Point Lookout DLC, (Didn't play the FO3 DLC, don't shoot me) You take a boat from somewhere in the Capitol Wateland to Point Lookout. Skyrim – Take a boat from Windhelm to Raven Rock in Solstheim. Fallout 4 – Take a boat from the Nakano Residence to Far Harbour on 'The Island'. All these games have great DLC that statrt with a simple boat journey. In Fallout 76, I believe that 'Watelanders' will start off the same. Now since West Virginia is Landlocked, it would make zero sense for a boat to take you to an island. I believe that I Have located the boat on which you will depart. 'Ohio River Adventures' is located in the forest and is on the river south of Point Pleasant. What stands out to me about this location is the lack of literally anything. There is no notes, holotapes, terminals, lore. Empty. And what makes it even more suspicious is the inclusion on the map of a unique drawing of the location. So empty, and its custom map drawing? If we do leave on boat, then this is 100% our spot.

So the question is, where does this boat bring us? Examining the vessel, we see that the boat is pointing southbound. taking a look on google maps and following this elusive river we find our selves in no other than Cincinnati, Ohio. Why do I think we are going to the city of Cincinatti and not the much easier to build countryside of Ohio? The answer is simple.We have to go somewhere unfamiliar. Not just another copypaste of the Forest. And what is 76 missing that every other Fallout game had? A Huge City. Yeah Charston is cool, Watogas alright and the rest of the 'cities' don't really count. Cincinnati will be that city. But nothing outside city limits. We're not exploring Ohio or Kentucky. Just the city. Again, we already have *plenty* of countryside in the base game. Cincinatti is most well known for its 19th Century architecture, as well as, Chili? Maybe thats incorporated somehow, Im a redditor not a physcic. The 19th Century Architecture could easily be a sub-theme of the DLC, like the American Revolution was for Boston in Fallout 4, with weapons like the laser musket and and the factions known as the Minutemen. And how the wild west was a sub-theme of Fallout New Vegas with the abundance of western revolvers, repeaters, duster jackets and the Faction known as the NCR (kinda). While researching Cincinatti, I also discovered the existence of 'Findalay Market' Which has Food and Craft Vendors, apparently. This area would most likely be the Diamond City or the Rivet City of this city. And the Main hub of the human NPCs, because duh, there will be human NPCs. But could also act as a disputed territory between factions, but more on that later. But you can also find raiders, scavengers, all that good stuff in the ruins of the city. There will be multiple friendly communities all around the city to give side quests and that stuff.

Dialogue is back with a bang! The quest Starter will be the only person who can speak to the people involved. After completing a quest with a friend as the quest starter, you can always start the quest yourself. (for clarification: Say X starts the quest. X is the only person who can interact with the quest items and NPcs. The rest of th team act more like companions, who's only purpose is to kill the enemies in the way. But after finishing the quest with X, Y can then start the quest and X will act as a companion.) Dialogue stops the players movement, forces first person and zooms in to the NPCs face, like Fallout 3. The player can press B or circle to exit quickly, if combat were to begin, instead of having to say 'Goodbye'.

Companions make a return! As seen in the image given for 'watelanders' on the road map, an picture above 'New Features!' Shows us an Automaton from the 'Automatron' DLC for FO4. This means that the Robot workbench will definitely return, with fully buildable and customizable robot companions. I believe that non-unique Dogs and human companions will make an appearance. By this I mean that, to avoid 20 of the same Dogmeat running around Cincinatti, We will be able to hire voiced Mercanaries that have random names and different dog breeds which are nameable by us. One companion per person meaning 4 people squads can have up to 8 members, including companions.

I hope a Human controlled radio station is added in and for the love of godd bethesda. MAKE TODD HOWARD HOST (nah rlly tho pls)


New Factions have been confirmed and I'm going to try and take the best crack at trying to figure out how they will workand who they are. I believe there will be Two Factions, fighting for control of Cincinatti, The 'ROE', or the 'Robots of Hornwright' and the 'WUAA' or The Workers United Against Automatation. (think the ash heap in the main game0

Now the Juicy bit.

The Full Plot Summary.

When walking through Appalachia a group of Vault Dwellers from Vault 76, beaten up after finally putting down the Scorchbeast Queen, closing all the fissure sites, and ending the Scorchbeast epidemic in Appalachia, they get a strange, new radio signal. The Overseer of vault 76 explained that she had survived an ambush from a group of moleminers near the mountainside bed and breakfast in the savage divide. Realising Appalachia was doomed to the Scorchbeasts, she fled. Spending some time repairing a couple of old boats at the Ohio River Adventure Centre, The Overseer escaped Appalachia, heading South Easterly bound, in the hopes to find human civilisation. The Overseer then explains that she had found a paradise, untouched by the bombs called 'New Cin' She explains over radio that she had seen the Nuclear explosion, caused by the Vault dwellers, making her realise that the scorchbeasts were no more. She summons the dwellers to come live out the rest of their lives in this new paradise. After assembling a team of four, the dwellers take the second boat that the Overseer had repaired and follow once again in her footsteps in hopes to live a peaceful life. After passing a sign that read: Now entering Cincinatti, with 'cinatti' fallen down, and 'New' scribbled onto the sign, the dwellers realised that the bombs had in fact touched this city and that things did not add up. After docking in the city port, Each dweller is shot with a tranquilizer dart, and the screen goes black. Locked up in other cages you see you other team mates, the overseer and a small girl. The overseer breaks down into tears and tells you how she was sorry about how she decieved you, and that they forced her to make that radio message from her pipboy or they would kill the small girl in the cage beside her. She tells you about how the tribal raiders use spears and blowpipes, and thats how they captured you. Then cue a very dramatic Prison break sequence in which you must lock pick into the vents above and crawl into a metro system with none of your weapons or armor as they have been locked up by the raiders. The overseer is caught just before the rest of your team escapes and you are forced to leave her behind, the vents lead into a long metro area with exposition given by the girl. Also cue the 'blinding light' part after you leave the first vault in every fallout game, As you leave the metro. You see signs pointing towards 'Great Findalay'. Following them you reach the plaza in which you must do a few side quests, getting acquainted with the lore and the area. After you manage to get a few of the new guns and armors that come from Cincinatti you are given the option to hire some companions for each team member. Then you must choose how you want to infiltrate the Tribal compound. You can sneak past guards, kill everyone of course but you can also use Charsima, intimidation and speech in general to get in. Or you could dress up as tribals and sneak in that way. Either way after finishing the mission the Overseer has now been freed and you get all your old weapons and armor back. This is the point in which you can return to Appalachia via boat if you wish. After escorting the Overseer to Great Findalay, she explains how all the friendly humans you meet were once and now apart of the 'Workers United Against Automation' (WUAA), pre-war. After a glitch in the system of Hornwright Industires when the bombs fell, all Cincinatti Mining Robots (ROE) went rogue, gaining increased intelligence and attempting to kill all the humans who stand in their way. The WUAA did not set up in Great Findalay for no reason though. Great Findalay is built on top of a mine, that houses the only other Ultracite deposit outside of Appalachia. Ultracite is key for the ROE survival due to prewar modifications that made them run on Ultracite fuel and not the normal Fusion Cell. The WUAA and ROE have been at war for 30 years now, as 5 years have passed since the Dwellers first left 76. The WUAA are trying to keep the ROE from getting an infinite supply of Ultracite as they only have already only have a finite amount at their HQ located atthe Old Hornwright HQ of Cincinatti. The true choice and consequence come from the most quests completed by all players for their chosen faction. Each month a war will be held in Great Fandalay and whichever faction had the most quests done by players in that month, will have the most buffs in the war. In the start, the WUAA will control Great Fandalay and you will find human NPCs and vendors there but in month 2, the ROE could win and the humans will have to retreat to the sewers until they win the next war.

Thank you very much if you sat through this whole thing, please leave an upvote if you enjoyed it , this did take some time! Constructive Criticism is appreciated in the comments!

ps sorry for any bad grammar


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