My level 7 friend just killed the queen with me (level 120), and my level 80 friend is pissed

fallout 2 - My level 7 friend just killed the queen with me (level 120), and my level 80 friend is pissed

He starts the game and hears me and some others in the party talking about launching a nuke when he's 20 minutes in. I tried to explain that he was very very very under leveled for the final boss of the game, and can't even survive the queen's minions, not to mention the radiation.

Clearly my stubborn friend doesn't care, as he stays hyped for the nuke, fast travels to me, and bolts in with his armor piercing 10mm (I know, fancy) the second it lands.

He dies immediately from radiation, as I expected him to do the entire time we were there. However, when he respawns he's immune to the radiation due to a common bug I wasn't aware of ("it just works"). He then proceeds to make his way through several high level endgame enemies by frantically running past them on his way to the queen. He's dying over and over again, and finally gets to the queen before loading half a clip into her (inflicting staggering damage) and then being killed again right after. He repeats this process 4 times before we kill the queen, while me and others cheer him on and make fun of him simultaneously.

Did he do damage? Yes.

Did he do a lot of damage? Debatable.


Did he help us by any considerable amount whatsoever? Also debatable.

Did he put in maximum effort? Absolutely.

Now he's sitting on his shiny new (largely unusable) loot along with his achievement, and my other friend is pissed off. He's tried to kill the queen twice and failed miserably both times. Now I keep making fun of him, as the unstoppable level 7 over here did it on his first try, thanks to maximum effort.

Tl;dr – We carried a level 7 through the SB Queen and I'm proud

Edit: my friend saw this trending and is now double pissed

Read:  This patch is an absolute mess, lost my entire stash.

2nd Edit: He sadly only went up to level 8. That's because he didn't have time to tag anything, as well as the nerf to exp from killing high level enemies and the already low exp the queen gave in the first place. He's not bothered though.

3rd Edit: Thanks for the silver guys! Also my friend, who is now effectively triple pissed, has commented as u/rebelozzie Do with that as you wish… but seriously no harassment it's just a game

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