My love hate relationship with Fallout 4

fallout 7 - My love hate relationship with Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a game that got me into the series but I NEVER want to play again or go for 100% completion. I think its because of all the missed potential.

The game starts with an emotional gut punch and I LOVE it. I don't mind the voice over since its a more emotional story and the first 20 minutes got me fucking hooked on that retro-futurism

We get out of the vault, rescue the Minutemen and I LOVE it. Interesting side characters, a sick combat system, a new world. I am ready to explore and

oh nooooooooo

This place is fucking boring.

The other factions are kinda bland.

This map is really bland

The enemies are really bland

I think this could have been rectified by adding more dialogue to these characters. Strong is my favorite Super Mutant but that's really all we get for good SM, everyone else is unfunny and boring. The first generation of synths are … Fine but I think some dry humor could go a long way. instead, they became a grind to get more fusion cells for the really sick weapons. Raiders are boring and repeat the same trope every damn time. The ghouls ended up being my favorite enemies since they were by and large zombies with some interesting NPCs.


And the map is fucking boring. I can only tell you about Diamond City since its the only place with character. I kind of wish that the northwest was Minutemen territory and the south was super mutant territory and the BOS wasn't relegated to one police station. Instead, I ended up quick traveling SO MUCH because of the boring world.

Let's talk about the factions. The Minutemen don't have shit to do. It's the "noble" cause except then we have the underground (and honestly my favorite faction) that also takes up that role. The BOS didn't leave any impression and I dropped them after getting Righteous Authority. The Institute is actually pretty cool so my final choice was between 2 of the 4 factions.

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The plot is actually really cool and I LOVED the twist and the fact that Diamond City is a major hub for the story too is also great.

I also loved the combat in this game and spent so much time finding armor pieces and junk to mod them. I wish gun modding was a tad more useful but I had a great time with it.

Basically, I love the polish of the RPG elements and the combat but I wish the world was more fleshed out. Still I had a great time and I am excited to try out 2, 3, and NV

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