My main thoughts on fallout 76 at level 50

fallout 5 - My main thoughts on fallout 76 at level 50
  1. Once you learn how to manage your weight limit the 400 lb weight limit is surprisingly manageable, just scrap junk you don't need and always make ammo and repair your shit. I currently have 3 suits of power armor (pa), enough junk to always be sustained, tons of ammo, and some speed weapons for my low level friends at 300 lbs pretty consistently.

  2. Get the excavator pa. If you need to do a junk haul there's nothing like it. It gives you a +100 cast weight which is a life saver.

  3. Tag your search items and know what you need to craft. I use a 50 call machine gun and gauss rifle so I burn through steel and lead. You'd be surprised how many items have lead.

  4. Single foundation camps will save you lots of time and frustration. If you want to build a cool camp into a existing foundation keep it out of common areas or you will be very disappointed when it disappears

  5. If you get stuck in your pa and get the weird mutated naked body glitch happens there is a fix. Google it, it's pretty easy for all platforms. Almost broke the game for me.

  6. Heavy weapons need a serious fix. Half of them are bugged to hell to the point they are unusable. The 50 cal mg and the gatling gun are probably the most reliable right now.

This game needs alot of fixing but if you're patient and learn the quirks it is a lot of fun! Hopefully Bethesda can get this in order and this game gets more workable. Sorry for any spelling or grammar problems, kinda drunk on a phone. See y'all in the Appalachia!

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