My musings on F4 Factions – what is the “right” choice?

fallout 4 - My musings on F4 Factions - what is the "right" choice?

Hi all,

I just want to share my thoughts regarding the "right" and "wrong" choices in F4. I am a HUGE F3 / FNV fan – having completed the latter many, many times for all factions, and I have only recently finished the main story (for the first time) in F4. Obviously, spoilers for F4.

I decided to side with the institute. I wasn't 100% behind it, but on balance, I thought they represent the best hope for mankind. There was some sentimental value too – I naively assumed that Shaun must be a good guy, as he's my son (I do appreciate he was less than a year old when he was taken by the institute, so frankly I have no basis for that assumption). In my play so far, that has broadly followed – he seems to genuinely want the best for the world. I do have some niggling doubts – the treatment of Virgil is something I still don't understand – but I'm sure I will in the end.

Having to side against the Brotherhood was a tough call – as they are always the good guys (especially in F3). However, I've always wondered what the endgame was with them. They hoard technology, but they don't seem to care too much about how humanity survives. Lyons in F3 takes care to help people with Project Purity, but he's basically denounced as a tree hugging hippie, and incites a split within the brotherhood in the capital.

I liked the railroad, and have sympathy with their cause, so I didn't relish wiping them out, although that was always inevitable when siding with the institute. Whilst their goal of synth liberation is noble, I just can't choose that over the advancement of humanity, as promoted by the institute. Frankly, without the institute creating synths, the railroad becomes obsolete, so what would happen to them in the long run if wiping out the brotherhood and the institute?

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I do like the minutemen*, so I was glad to not have to wipe them out. Their storyline, when choosing the Institute, sort of peters out, in my opinion. You build a bunch of settlements, and then don't really have anything to do after retaking the castle. Preston just seems happy to wander around doing sod all.

Really interested to hear what people think (am I wrong? Please tell me) on this. I'll definitely get around to doing play-throughs with all the factions eventually, but that'll take quite a long time (I find the settlement building so damn addictive, I'll probably be doing that for a while yet). What do people think is the best ending, weighing up the short term and the long term?

*Frankly I don't know why I like the minutemen, as your first interactions with them are pretty awful. "Hey buddy. I understand you've just woken up to a completely broken world after 200 years, your wife has been murdered and your infant son kidnapped, but can you help us, a bunch of perfectly capable men, rebuild our organisation? We're gonna need you to do just about everything, and we've decided it's more important than your stuff, even though we've been d*cking around for years".

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