My new goo pile creation system arrived today, a birthday miracle.

fallout 6 - My new goo pile creation system arrived today, a birthday miracle.


Fallout 4 Plasma Sniper replica from Gamestop/Thinkgeek.

So I've been trying to review any large Bethesda merch I buy, and posting it here where hopefully a decent amount of people will see it. I just think with Bethesda's quality dipping lower and lower, it's important to share our impressions of their products with each other so we know what to expect when we buy their stuff. I should also add that I don't personally go to conventions or cosplay, but I tried to keep that crowd in mind because the only two uses I could see for products like this are either sticking it on a shelf or using it for cosplay.

So first off, the quality on this one seems to be a lot better than the Power Fist. Being made by Chronicle Collectibles, the same company that did the Power Armor Edition helmet, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of it when I preordered it, but it really is a decent prop.

I would say the $120 price tag is a little steep. I'd value it at somewhere closer to $90 or so. Way too detailed and accurate to call it a "toy," but at the same time, "replica" feels a bit hyperbolic. I'd put the Power Fist at a little under half of that, closer to $40. The paint job was pretty nice on it, but it felt very flimsy and breakable. This rifle feels much sturdier, like you could at least take it to a convention without worrying too much about breaking your $120 collectible – though I could see the end of the barrel breaking off if you smacked it really hard against something, because the barrel is hollow.

The paint job on the rifle looks great, especially from a distance. Even close up, I'd say it holds up decently. There are some visible mold seams here and there, but with a design so busy they're really not noticeable. The orange tip is kind of annoying and I'll definitely be painting over it, however, I understand why it's there and I'm not sure if conventions require it to be there for cosplay or not – if so, you should be good to go.

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The rifle comes in two pieces, you attach the barrel with four plastic nuts and bolts. It really makes you feel like the Sole Survivor (kidding). They seem to hold on fine just hand tightened – I would absolutely NOT recommend using a wrench, you'll definitely strip the threads right off. I hand tightened them and the barrel has little to no wiggle.

The lights are activated by pressing a button on the pistol grip, close to where a mag release would be on a handgun. It's a toggle switch, not a momentary, so you don't have to hold it down. The batteries came pre-installed, with no "remove before use" tab, which was a little concerning but the batteries seemed to be in okay condition and it turned on just fine – though I could definitely see the preinstalled batteries causing a problem for other people.

The trigger can be actuated but does nothing as far as I can tell – though I have to admit that I'm kind of glad they didn't waste the effort to put sounds and a speaker in it, because I've always found that sounds tend to be too gimmicky and never sound very good in any replica. Not to mention that at a convention, no one would be able to hear it anyway over the background noise, so the only time you'd be able to hear the sound is in your own home, which seems completely pointless.

Overall I'd say it's a great addition for a collector like myself or someone who wants to cosplay and save some time and effort building or painting a gun from scratch. Again, it's a little pricey, but if you consider the time and effort you'll expend finishing a 3D printed version (not to mention building one completely from scratch) to get it up to the same quality, it might make up for it.

Also, feel free to take this review with a grain of salt. You might see it and think it looks horrible. As a Fallout fan and someone who spent their own money on something, I'm sure I subconsciously want to justify the money I spent, though I tried to remain fair and unbiased. Hope someone found the review useful, and I'll post some more close-up pictures when I get home tonight if anyone's interested.

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