My NPC Hit List. You all have it coming, eventually.

fallout 2 - My NPC Hit List. You all have it coming, eventually.

To start, Duchess. Making me do all that crap when all I wanted was a single damn holotape from my Overseer…. And the holotape ended up not being very useful. From her actions from the start and her holotape in Welch, she's one shifty bugger.

Speaking of… I hate the Overseer. Scatters a bunch of her holotape around the land for us to scavenger hunt for, while she sits all comfy in her fancy, pristine house while we do all the damn work. And don't give me that crap about her doing a lot before we left the vault, because she accomplished nothing. She didn't figure out the inoculation, we did. She didn't mass produce the inoculation for the mouth breather Settlers and Raiders, we did, while she just tagged along for the ride. She couldn't even get past the Bot in the University she attended and we had to do the stupid test to gain access and knowledge of Vault 79. She didn't get the factions to help break into 79, We did. She couldn't secure the nukes, we did. Hell, she couldn't even get past the first door. Then she has the nerve to chastise us for launching nukes that we now control. F her right in the nose.

How about the Companion what's her face who plays the same damn song over and over again until you want to grab her guitar and smash it into her optimistic face?

Does the DJ / Radio Host of Appalachia Radio count? Travis was 10 times more entertaining than her high school mentality positivity BS and sob story. Lady STFU and play some more variety. I'm sure if you stopped with the half assed inspirational crap, you'd have more time to find some more Nuka Cola and maybe a few new music tracks, you Hack.

What's the name of that dumbass raider who keeps sending me out to find specific vacuum tubes at specific locations she needs, that are broken and we have to repair? Does she realise we have probably about a hundred perfectly functioning vacuum tubes sitting in a pile of junk back at our camp? Nope, she wants these broken ones.


How about that shifty fk'r who randomly shows up to talk to Commander Daguerre with the moustache and glasses and tries to scalp her some meds for her headaches? Who won't give you a straight answer until you're about to stick a gun to his head? GTFO of my Camp you little sh*t! Come back and I'll break your kneecaps with a Super Sledge.

Let me think…. Who else is on my hit list?

I guess I'll jump on the Ward Bandwagon. He keeps having crap stolen every damn day. Finally someone with the guts to help? Buddy, you got trackers on every single thing you lose, you know exactly where they are, but can't even get off your own lazy ass to get it yourself. For all the crap he keeps losing or is stolen from him, maybe it's high time he's fired from…. Exactly wtf is his job anyway? Is he a double agent raider just out to troll? It's almost always the raiders who have his stuff and they don't seem to have much trouble getting this stuff, so they must have someone on the inside giving them a hand. Hey, Dweller. Someone stole my desk fan, go get it.

Meg, Paige and the entire BoS…. You clowns best show us Dwellers some damn respect. We're the Apex Predators of Appalachia. We got the nukes, the inoculation, we chew on the bones of Scorchbeast Queens and have Earl's ball sack on display at our Camps. Drop the damn attitude or by Ysmir's Beard, I'll wreck you…. Somehow, some day.

Ra Ra. You're alright.

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