My opinion about the fallout games

fallout 5 - My opinion about the fallout games

So I started playing the fallout franchise with fallout 4, and I was sucked into a franchise I've invest over 400 hours understanding and exploring the lore and world it has to offer. Fallout 4 is a great post apocalyptic exploration and shooter game that has so much content to explore even if it's not as much a role-playing game as the older ones. After sinking 200 hours into fo4 I bough NV to see what the hype is about. Fallout NV is a great game for it's ability to build your character from the ground up and develop as you go along. I'm loving new Vegas's aspect of choosing skills as you level up and perks based on youre skills, it makes it seem like your choices in points effects how you interact with and see the world and I wish fallout 4 did this with its perks. I hate the graphics of NV everything looks way too similar shades of brown greenish and gray, fo4 did really well with adding diversity in the world. I love the karma and hatred system in NV and I wish it were in 4. In fallout 4 I accidentally killed some minutemen and the other minutemen to didn't seem to care I killed their comrades it felt strange and wrong I wasn't attacked as soon as they saw me. In NV the dialogue is insanely expansive and I see it as almost to expansive I am told so much information that I don't know what to do with and what is important for the story and I forget most of it by the time I leave the conversation. Fo4 should have some more dialogue options and more skill checks but not quite as many as nv. If you combined the best parts of NV and 4 you would have the perfect fallout 5 recipe and would bring back fans that left from 76 or 4. This is all my opinion sotake it with a grain of salt.



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