My opinion for what it is worth.😭😭

fallout 6 - My opinion for what it is worth.😭😭

So lets start with my credentials.😊 I pre-ordered this game and have played since the first weekend of beta. I have over 2k hours in this game and have been a trader since almost day one. I don't usually rant and have defended this game valiantly. My friends and I have anxiously awaited the Wastelander's update and were extremely disappointed when it was delayed. We all decided that if Bethesda was going to actually take the time to test the update before release we would wait it out.

Then Bethesda decided to release Fallout 1st. I am beyond disheartened by the recent update. This is the update that finally broke me. I have been patiently waiting for the private servers to release. I was expecting a charge for my own server, that has nothing to do with my frustration. I am only allowed a 8 man server????? What the hell? I cant have a 24 man server? I can't mod the server I am paying for? I can't restrict players from joining my server I payed for? The server looks and acts like a used server that is a remnant of a large dead server. How is this worth the price of 13 dollars?


Here is my next set of issues with the update. My scrap has a good possibility of disappearing forever. Bethesda is "looking into restoring our items" ??? Just like all the other patches that deleted items that they have yet to restore?🤔 I know that we get atoms equivalent to the price of the subscription fee but, what can we get for those atoms. A crappy outfit and some even worse player icons that single us out as idiots? More outfits we can not display or more camp items we can"t use because our camps are at max budget and have been for months.Lets talk about the scrap box.🤣🤣🤣🤣 The scrapbox upgrade proves that the is no real reason that our stashbox should be so limited. We have to pay a fee for unlimited storage? Bethesda has always planned to put the good stuff behind a paywall. Sadly, most of us diehards didn't realize this until recently.😢

I have defended this game for months. Through the bugs and glitches I never really complained. But to ask your biggest fans to pay a fee for their own ideas and suggestions……. 😦 I finally broke. I can't do it anymore. It is actually a very tragic thing for me. I have made hundreds of friends in this game. From the streets of Flatwoods to the trenches of the Cranberry Bog I will truly miss the people who made this game. I just can not bring myself to support a game that has developers that are so willing to betray their fanbase so thoroughly.

“All the content we ever put out for Fallout 76,” explains Hines; “all the DLC, all the post-launch stuff, is going to be free. That’s important. And to say, the Atomic Shop is cosmetic stuff. 😔😔😔

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