My own Nuka Dark Rum scam story

fallout 8 - My own Nuka Dark Rum scam story

I've been seeing people posting about the whole Nuka Dark Rum controversy in the wake of the Canvas Bag controversy, and felt that I should post my own experience with the total disappointment I've experienced with this product.

When they announced the product, I was totally sold on a Rum in a Nuka Cola glass bottle. I've seen Tequila bottles at my local liquor store shaped like Glass Slippers, Flintlock Pistols, and Skulls. So a glass replica of the Fallout 4 Nuka Cola bottle should have been easy to produce compared to the bottles I just mentioned. I order 2 bottles: One for drinking, and one to hold onto as a collectors item. Did the same thing when I heard Bacardi was discontinuing Bacardi 151.

Then I got concerned when the delivery date kept getting pushed back. But I got the email stating that the reason for the delays:

We wanted to drop you a line regarding your order for Nuka Dark Rum.
When finalizing the product for shipment we determined that one of the components of the product was not up to Fallout standards. In an effort to deliver the super premium product that you deserve we implemented an upgrade to resolve the issue and are in the process of finalizing production. This fix put us several days behind but rest assured your order will be on it's way in the coming days. Please be on the lookout for a tracking number in the near future.
We are happy to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding this product so please feel free to reach out to our team directly at <<[email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])>(mailto:<[email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])) for any of your needs.
Ryan McElveen, Certified Sommelier
Chief Operating Officer
Silver Screen Bottling Co.

When I sent a reply asking for them to clarify what they meant, I got this:

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Dear x:
Thank you for reaching out. The “upgrade” simply refers to the quality of the packaging material. That issue has been resolved and shipping will resume. We hope that you will enjoy your Nuka Dark Rum when it arrives.
Thank you for your business,
Customer Service Team
Silver Screen Bottling Co.

Once I heard word that the bottles would indeed be glass bottles, my fears were eased. I figured the cartoonishly big bottlecap was just a plastic shell that covered the cork/screwtop for aesthetic purposes.

So I finally get a FedEx delivery driver come up to my house the day before Christmas, and I can see a long package under his arm that makes me think that its my Nuka Dark order. Keep in mind that I have a small gardening table next to my front door, so I assumed the guy just put the second bottle on that to free up his hands for his scan gun. I signed for my package, take the first package, and then go to grab the second one….except there was no second package. I ask the guy, "There should be two boxes. Wheres the other box?" The guy double checks his scan gun and just tells me that's all there is on the truck.

Already annoyed that I was never notified that my order wasn't shipped at the same time. That they split the order. But nothing compared to when I opened the box. Inside was the now infamous plastic shell that covers a boring, normal bottle. I was in disbelief. So I repacked the bottle and emailed Liquorama to get a refund.

Today (2 weeks later), I get a FedEx delivery driver with what I can only assume to be the second bottle. Still no email reply from Liqourama on a refund. So I told the FedEx driver to take it back.

And that's it. What should have been an awesome collectible turned out into yet another scam by Bethesda. And I'm considering going to the BBB to file a complaint.

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