My own vault: the literal worst possible society (tl;dr at the bottom)

fallout 2 - My own vault: the literal worst possible society (tl;dr at the bottom)

I know there have been a lot of posts that featured the question: "what would be the experiment of your own vault?". I made poorly thought out answers and I think that I have finally made an ideal one with the greatest experiments I could think of. Let's call it Vault 8512.

The main idea of the Vault is that everyone has different ideas for an ideal society and political system (looking at Vault 15 here). But what if we aimed to create the worst possible society? Vault 8512 looks like a basic vault, but with more levels. Nine in total. The dwellers do not know of any other levels than their own and their mind is wiped. Before the bombs, the Overseer was turned into a Robobrain who is now stuck in the absolute lowest level. Here are the levels from top to bottom.

Level -1: Dwellers live in a totalitarian, transhumanist society with no democracy and the Overseer has full control over them and their lives. To the extent that the Overseer can dictate absolutely anything, even self-harm, which means everybody just generally suffers a lot. Any protesters or just generally anyone who even thinks about more freedom is executed by Robobrain guards in a painful manner. Whenever someone is executed, it is publically broadcasted everywhere in the level and the dwellers are just going to watch. The Vault will be engaged in countless "quests" or "wars", mostly against what is outside (important because the upper level is the closest to the Vault door) like raiders, super mutants, or feral ghouls. No one knows what they are for, really. Even if you follow all the rules of the Vault, it is likely that you will die. You would think that this level needs a good supply of dwellers if they want to go on with the torture for several generations. Baby-making is mandatory, but that's not enough, so that's where Level -2 comes in.

Level -2: Kind of the baby-maker of the entire Vault, without really knowing it. For this level, the Overseer has perfect analysis of every dweller's sexual and romantic desires, or generally just what they want from a partner. The Overseer then proceeds to put together pairs according to how much they would hate being together, and they would be forced to marry and have unprotected sex (one little flaw in this is that the pairs must be opposite sex because otherwise, they can't have children, which might kind of ruin the purpose of this level for some). Not only is the rapid baby-making this important, but the people here are also forced to engage in sex that they hate. Don't like CBT or BDSM? I have bad news…

Level -3: The Overseer keeps recordings of biological data from all Dwellers. So that the amount of food that they are given by the Robobrains is enough to not make them starve but too little to make them more than just saturated. Same goes for sleep and drink. This will be used so that they are mentally and physically weak at all times. And for every feeding cycle, a random dweller is selected to miss his food portion for that cycle.

Level -4: A general socialist level where everyone works on the same jobs (cycling on the energy bike from Fallout 4 Vault DLC) but besides knowing nothing about each other and not allowed to speak to each other, they are fed propaganda every night that their exact neighbors have a much better job (stuff like farming or cooking which is actually done by the Robobrains) and are wealthy. They are shown fake footage of a giant golden Vault owned by them in which they live. And every week a random dweller is selected by the Overseer to be raided by the Robobrain guards who will destroy a huge percentage of their things (they don't have much but they have some things that they actually all have like vases around the home and some books in languages they don't understand and shit).

Level -5: Contrary to the other levels, the dwellers on this level are fed knowledge of everything around them. That they are in a Vault where they are being tortured for psychological experiments and that their actual world (which they can't remember anymore) was destroyed in a nuclear war with the new inhabitants being monsters like the Death Claw. The problem is that why they do know this, they can do absolutely nothing about it. In fact, they are in an And I Must Scream state at all times. Their anger will be built up like this.


Level -6. Remember level -1 and how everyone who opposed the law was executed? Actually, there's a 50% chance that when breaking the law, you are actually sent here. Level -6 is a prison level where the dwellers' minds are wiped (so that they won't know why they are here). I actually think this is the least creative level but whatever. The dwellers are either hooked up to a mind-reading machine that scans their psychology and archives it and then uses it so that when the dwellers are being tortured the machine will know how to torture them the best.

Level -7. The Vault is waging war on itself. The Purge but it's 24/7 and there's a great supply of people from level -2. Robobrains are joining in on the massacre (but they are weaker on this level so that the dwellers are not wiped out entirely). The Overseer at random times selects a room blows it up. Always the room that is calculated to create the most misery when destroyed.

Level -8. Another And I must scream hellscape. Dwellers have been turned into robobrains with a chip in them that prevents them from acting out of the desire to commit suicide. The robobrain bodies allow for torture devices from Level -6 to be performed without irreparable physical damage to be caused to the dwellers. The robobrains do not grant immortality as it normally does and before the inevitable death caused by time, the dwellers are put into a simulation like Tranquility Lane, but they are forced to experience all of their worst memories over and over again that feels like a millennium to them but are mere seconds to us.

Level -9. A huge underground city where the Overseer is, existing as a dome with a bunch of computers and the Overseer's brain inside. The Overseer actually talks to the dwellers of this level and tells them that they are in Paradise, in the ideal society. Yet they are betrayed by the Overseer. They are told that they are free to choose their sexual partner, yet someone else will be chosen as their mate. They have access to what could be seen as a smaller internet, but they are fed information from different sides that oppose each other and each one of them claims to say the truth, ultimately all of them written by the Overseer. The dwellers even believe every single one of them, causing them to go mad! They are even forced to believe that while there are wrongs in the world (meaning their level) they are ultimately caused by themselves. Were you sad yesterday? Your own fault. People are striving to get the best possible job that will give them the most money and they will fail miserably dying unaccomplished, yet still being fed that they are the richest you could be and that everyone else is much poorer. Everything done to them will make them feel inferior to the others, yet they will be told that they are the best even though everyone is equal. The dome of the Overseer ultimately contains a box with a loaded gun with a single bullet labeled "for the hopeful", a keycard that can be used to leave the vault labeled "for the hopeless" and a G.E.C.K. labeled "for the dead". Taking the box will result in the Vault's self destruct sequence being activated and the Overseer's brain being blown up.

Tl;dr: my idea for the vault is the worst possible society where everyone suffers as much as possible. It is divided into different levels whose inhabitants don't know about anything other than their own level.

level -1: a totalitarian society where the Overseer forces everyone to suffer

level -2: everyone is forced to have sex with people that they are psychologically proven to be incapable to get along with. the produced babies are then raised by robobrains and sent to assigned levels.

level -3: Constant struggle for food, drink and sleep enforced by the Vault. no one will ever feel satisfied with their resources and rightfully so

level -4: everyone has the same job and the same worthless possessions but are fed propaganda that their neighbors have it better than them

level -5: dwellers know exactly what situation they are in but can do nothing about it, so that they feel as angry and suicidal as possible.

level -6: prison for the vault where the dwellers' psychology is used against them for torture purposes

level -7: The Purge 24/7 with some rooms just blowing up sometimes

level -8: dwellers feel like they want to commit suicide but can't do it

level -9: basically everything that's bad about modern society emphasized but the people are told everything is alright. also there's a contingency plan for 3 people if they find it.

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