My personal opinions on 76. Spoiler Free!

fallout 3 - My personal opinions on 76. Spoiler Free!

As a long time player of Fallout Games, playing literally every single one, yes, even Van Buren, BOS and Tactics, I have had a long time to think about the Fallout games, I love them all, so much and for 76, this didn’t change, I personally think it’s a good game (queue the downvotes) but I have been playing these games for years and let me tell you, 76 is a good game, now let me explain.

People have complained about the state of the bugs in 76 from day one, and most of them were addressed (one notable exception, see: god mode lady Fallout 76) however people kept complaining. Now no game is without bugs and at this point it’s safe to assume that if Bethesda releases a game we will have thousands of them, but I haven’t encountered any that made the game unplayable or unlikable, the occasional glitch happens where I can see through the ground or the graphics go whoops a bit but nothing major.

Something I see a lot of people complaining about here are the micro transactions, they are not mandatory, they do not advance you further in the game, if you don’t like them, don’t buy them, it’s as simple as that, don’t hate on other people for getting them, it’s their money.

While the no Human NPC thing was… an idea on Bethesda’s part, it gives a new aspect to the game, I’ve seen so many people just skip over terminals be side people can just say the stuff, for story you need to read. That’s a good thing and we already know that according to the lore, automation was a common thing so there’s no need to question why so many bots.

Next up we have the pip-boy, vintage and I like it, it looks like the older models which makes me feel a little better personally, with the different view types it can be confusing but I like it, it gives more flexibility to the players, only thing I don’t like is that the map is on the pause menu, that felt unnatural to me.

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Jumping costs action points, this is one of the few things I DONT like about this game, jumping is not an exhausting action, it shouldn’t cost AP to jump, that’s not a good thing in my opinion.

The enemies are a bit challenging, I’m only level 11, been playing for a day and I’ve been stuck on one main quest for a bit now trying to get to a plane and a train but the enemies are too difficult for me, if the enemies are below my level then they should be easy to beat, the main story should not require players to grind to gain levels, no game should do that.

On the subject of levels is the SPECIAL system, which is… different to say the least, I’m not against the change in how this system works but it is something long time players should be prepared for, its… very different to say the least.

And last but not least is Fast Travel, I love the fast travel system in 76 and it does give me a bit of a new light on it, early characters have to make sure “is this fast travel worth it” because it costs caps to fast travel, making players think, don’t despair though, fast traveling to The Vault (76 of course) and your CAMP is free! So place it almost wherever you feel and travel for free, the regular rules are in pls e for fast travel though, can’t do it while taking damage, with enemies near, or if dead.

I hope this helped anyone who bothered to read that long ass post and feel free to leave comments, hate just lets me know you read the post, any questions are always accepted and feel free to message me about anything in this post of you’d like me to go over it in more detail.

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