My pet peeve: YouTubers who rant about FO76 but obviously have not spent much time playing

fallout 2 - My pet peeve: YouTubers who rant about FO76 but obviously have not spent much time playing

I've watched a lot of "review" videos for FO76 over the last couple weeks, and while early on I was willing to let this slide, it's really getting on my nerves now: YouTubers bashing the game while obviously not spending enough time to even understand the mechanics before doing so. You can pick most any random title that bashes the game, and more often than not the video that's playing underneath their rants will show them making the same mistakes that I was making during my first few hours in the beta, before I learned even the basics of how the system works. Mistakes than anyone who has spent a dozen hours or more in the game post launch will have figured out and won't make anymore (like, say, filling up your inventory with flora that's going to spoil before you ever learn the recipes to do anything with them).

Now, I am not saying the game doesn't have issues. I am frustrated as hell by the crashes, the disappearing corpses, the lack of proper feedback, and all of the other valid reasons to dislike the game. However, I get those frustrations because I PLAY THE GAME. It seems to me that a lot of the negativity is being greatly amplified by the amount of negative press that isn't coming from personal experiences, but rather people using the negative bandwagon in an effort to get hits on their videos and articles without spending enough time in the game to actually experience those negatives themselves.

Personally, I have taken to downvoting any video that shows these symptoms, and unsubing from any channels that are just repeatedly posting negative rants. If you have already posted 10 videos on how much you dislike a game, just posting more because you need to make a second video this week is not necessary, especially when you really don't have anything new to add and you are just posting another one because bashing the game is what's hot right now.

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Everyone already knows the game is a hot mess, and even the people who love it won't disagree with that. Have your say for a few videos, and then let it lie and come back to the subject in 6 months for a status report; maybe go back to making FO4 mod videos – that's what people following you were interested in anyway. What's happening now just stinks of you wanting to make a quick $10 and is tainting your channel.

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