My pros and con’s list of fallout 4

fallout 5 - My pros and con's list of fallout 4

Fallout 4 is great, it's defiantly my favorite game, tied with new Vegas. Here's my pros and coins list though.

Pros: The graphics are just really good. Obviously it's a new engine so of course it's better than previous games. The cinematics are amazing, though 76 wins the contest when it comes to cinematics in nature.

The ambiance is amazing. I love the music in the background, the sounds. It feels real. And diamond City Radio fits very well.

The shooting. It's no question that the shooting is the best of all games. For the same reason as before, the new engine and set up. I don't blame the previous games for having crap shooting, they are still very enjoyable. But you can't deny the fact that the shooting was crap. The vats is better than 76 too, so I'd say it's the best of all games.

The factions. They are not nearly as good as New Vegas, but for me the fallout 4 faction are the second best of all games. I love how all of them have such personality, and they are all fairly different except for the idea that the Institute sucks. it has the best Brotherhood bad assery wise. Not morally but you can't deny that Commonwealth Brotherhood is badass. All the smaller factions are really fun.

Cons: It's pretty easy. I mean yeah, on very hard you might die a few more times than normal but for the most part it's easy. After playing it a few times it gets easy. Nuka World is the only real challenge, and only because it storms you with enemies. Survival is a challenge though, way harder than any other game.


Character development. I can get attached to characters in fallout 4, but not like in New Vegas. The quest lines for companions are poor compared to them, and even the other NPCs seem to have more personality.

Lack of control with the ending. For the most part I'm okay with the ending, but I wish you could do more. Maybe get more factions to help you in taking on the institute. Instead of this just being the railroad ending, have all factions that attack the institute able to cause a rebellion, or sabatoge them. They should have kept the quest where you become the elder of the east Coast Brotherhood.

You can't kill everyone! I'm new Vegas, you could just kill the Legion, or the NCR before beating the game if you wanted too. You can't kill anyone in this game though. You can't even kill all of diamond City. Anyone who has a quest line you can't kill, which is a lot of characters. You can't kill your companion, unless you completely piss them off, which is pretty hard to do unintentionally.

That's all. Notice I said nothing about the storyline, because I personally like the storyline of fallout 4. But it's not a pro, because it's not better than many of the games.

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