My Protest Sign Only run. Day 2.

fallout 6 - My Protest Sign Only run. Day 2.

I awoke from my wooden box with my sign in hand. I stepped out into the glorious sunlight and began my journey throughout the wasteland. I started trying to discover locations to level up, but this was a grave error, at only level 3 with no armor, I couldn't travel very much. My first enemy encounter was a small group of super mutants gathered around a destroyed trailer. I charged the one farthest from the group and with a mighty swing of my sign I did a staggering 5 damage. The super mutants might as well laughed at me as my futile attempt to kill one of them was met with a pitiful defeat. I had spawned back at my camp and thought of a new and more elaborate strategy. So I arrived once again at the place of my death and waited for the perfect time to make my move. The air was still as the footsteps of my adversaries rang in my ears. A gap had opened up, they split the group by each half walking around each side of the trailer. I sprinted with all I had and honked the hell out of my stuff. I sprinted back to my base and celebrated my victory. I then thought of what to do next. So I traveled to New Gad, feeling I wasnt prepared for it I moved further up the river and came upon a group of scorched. The level 1s were no match for my sign. It was only then that a level 6 came out of nowhere and shoved the business end of his assualt rifle into my face. This guy killed me like 4 times as I tried to get my stuff. After being killed so many times I used my buff out, med x and psycho to just run past the guy and get my junk. I traveled back to Vault 76, thinking to waster some worthless mobs to level up. I attacked the liberators at the bottom of the hill and was actually able to 1 shot them if I power attacked. I then walked the road behind the vault and found a group of protectrons and this is how I found out something glorious. For some reason, the protest sign is REALLY good a crippling enemies. I was able to turn one of the protectrons into a vegetable with a couple good hits. Unfortunately I wasnt able to defeat the others without smacking a car to have it explode.(I'm still going to go with the run, even if that counts against it.) After this I returned to the overseers camp(cause I hadn't done the quest yet.) And made some armor. I felt like I actually had a fighting chance at level 4 and headed to flatwoods to do the responders quests there. In the middle of this the fertile soil event popped up, so seeing that I couple get some decent xp for this I began taking out the supervisors. This was fucking difficult. Being shot from all sides by mr.farmhands was just the worst. After killing all 3 I went inside the building to finish it. I entered and saw more farmhands and destroyed most of them except one. He was on fire and about to explode so I gave him a good ol smack with my trusty sign, but to my absolute disbelief my sign shattered in my hands. All I could do was run as the explosion flung me into the next room through the wall, I wasnt dead, but sure wish i was. I changed the farmhands parameters and went back to flatwoods to finish the quest. I had to go up to the gas station and get water from the pumps but ran into 3 weak ghouls. I couldn't fight back cause I hadn't bothered to repair my sign so I ran back to the church but on the way i saw an afk level 8 player. I had to do it to escape. I sacrificed that poor soul to the ghouls against his will. I know not if he survived, I just ran, blinded by the tears in my eyes. I repaired my sign naming it to "Lifeblood" and completed all the quest in flatwoods. I was now a strong level 6 at the end of this and I finally got my first slugger perk. At this point my sign was doing 14 damage and I slapped on the perk as happy as could be only to have my hope shattered. Slugger doesnt work of Protest Signs. So after crying for several minutes. I got up and looked at my log. The responders were calling for people back at the airport. So looks like I'm heading for Morgan town. Thanks to anyone who've read this long.


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