My Protest Sign Only run. Day 3.

fallout 6 - My Protest Sign Only run. Day 3.

Making my way out of Flatwoods I stuck to the road and headed north for Morgan Town. Walking the desolate road had reminded me of what i used to protest for. The great days before the war when i was still in diapers, my father would take me to Grafton to protest just about everything, the roads being bad, the diners closing too early, the stupid mascot costume they had for they high school, those were the times. I remember the major even saying that we'd regret it some day, but look whose still here. Walking past the Gauley mine, I fought off a few scorched and decided to enter the mine, figured I could get my miner on. I slapped on a miners hat and got to work, only had one problem, there were alot of scorched in there, alot of them level 6, being a level 6 myself, I couldve easily taken them with my fists, but I couldn't go against my ideals, so I shouted at them to stop killing me until they died. There were too many and I was low on stimpaks so I fled, vowing to return and make them pay. I walked the tracks making it to Morgan town and headed straight for the airport slapping each scorched that dared to cross me, I busted through the doors of the airport waiting to find any signs of life, only to be greeted with more red, groaning bastards. Fighting and dying my way through them, I finally reached the boss scorched. A level 6 legendary. Our battle would be such i thought, which was quickly put to rest as i ate several rounds of ammunition. After many tries of me hurling my protest filled body at them, the scorched finally fell to his knees and gave up, which then I gave him the big THWACK. Finding that Maria lady I was told about earlier on, I asked her what she needed me to do, I didnt get an answer so I went outside to finish the quest. I decided to finish off the day with the collision course event. I stood at the ready after launching the flare and heard my enemies drawing closer, they were all level 6. I was surrounded with a broken arm and leg, I thought all was lost when I saw them direct their attention to something else. A level 9 player step from the darkness and rained hell upon the scorched with his mighty multi-purpose axe. Using a stimpak I rejoined the fight and we stood together as one, destroying anything the stepped to meet us. This person saved my life and gave him my highest gratitude, an emote. I left to my home and thought of the stranger, hoping I could become so righteous one day.


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