My Protest Sign Only run. Day 4.

fallout 8 - My Protest Sign Only run. Day 4.

I stepped out from my small shack home and thought that I could use some more living space, being low on supplies I traveled to Helvetia, my uncle used to live there before everything went to shit, he made his trade through carpentry, hell he build his own house there. Thought maybe I could've saw him or atleast what was left of him there. Walking into the streets the sun was beginning to become darkened by the clouds so I ducked into one of the open houses. The house was eerily quiet as I walked through the rooms, passing broken and burned pictures, there decrepit eyes followed me as I stepped along. I stopped to look outside to see that it hadn't started to rain, looking across the road, I saw my uncles old house still there. The road was quiet and the sky was grey, rain drops began to fall onto the upturned concrete as I walked along. I came to the front of the house and felt some type of euphoria come over me as I stepped inside. The air, though still vile was oddly familiar. I laughed to myself as I reminisced my uncles obsession with local politics, rambling and going on about what candidates were just god aweful, he hardly had a good thing to say about any of them. I let my sign rest in the corner as i stepped into the kitchen. The rain began falling down onto the roof making that familiar crackling noise whenever it hit the roof. The sound of a shotgun blast rang in my ear as I noticed the scorched filling into the house behind me. I picked up my sign angered to have these disgusting things invade my peace, only to have one of the scorched hit me in the arm with a lead pipe, breaking in. I still held my ground however taking out the two scorched that had already entered, the last one stood outside taking pod shots at me, luckily I was able to take them. Smacking the scorched instantly crippled his legs, causing him to fall down. My anger had all but come to a boil at this point, the thing reached for its weapon, only for me to break its arm. I pressed the opposite edge of my sign to its throat, pushing it to the ground. The rain poured onto my back as I pushed further into the creature. The only sounds I heard were the groans of the thing and my own heavy breathing. I pushed harder, hearing the cracking and screams of it. I screamed back and put all of my weight onto the sign hearing a loud snap. The rain washed away what blood there was as I walked away. After working on my house some more and installing my first turret. I set out back to Morgan town for the overseers personal log. I ran through the streets trying to evade the ghouls, but was cut off by a large group of level 3s. I fought them off one by one, taking several hits to take one down. I was holding out pretty well until it happened again. Lifeblood had broken once again. The group had now turned into a horde and I booked it to the high school. Inside I ran from all the scorched and grabbed the log. Running outside, the scorched followed me til I climbed up a collapsed power poll. At which then I used my magical teleportation powers to go home. There was one last thing to do for the day and that was to investigate a trailer at the Tygant Water Treatment station. Once I had arrived I began fending off the liberators that were there, when I heard something. I suppose the ghouls from morgan town had wanted to finish what they started as four of them had ran up behind me and started smacking my rear end. I got rid of them fairly quickly. I investigated the trailer and now have to find some random fuckos dating spot. Hopefully it wont be as dark as the earlier part of the entry.


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