My roleplay playthrough. FO4: best fallout

fallout 8 - My roleplay playthrough. FO4: best fallout

mods: difficulty rebalance (I do normal damage on all difficulties), slow healing in all difficulties.

My Rules:

  • Very hard difficulty

  • no fast travel

  • no workshops (pipboy must be empty!)

  • No VATS, no drugs (I sell them for ammo), no irradiated food. Healing items (nuka cola, water, non irradiated food) only outside of combat.

  • Only loot ammo + drugs + favorited trash (from humans and super mutants if desperate; I don't loot ghouls or bugs, animals are good for leather but not meat)

  • Don't pick up any junk that's not favorited (I buy most of the stuff I need from vendors anyway).

  • ROLEPLAY. No time to fuck around, need to GET SHAUN!!!

So I exit the vault with my pistol, ammo, stims and the baton. Talk to codsworth (you have a choice here about how much you care about Nora in the she's dead speech choices, this was nice). We search the neighborhood (I let him kill the bugs, I get special book, and go Concord.

I meet my dog on the way, and keep going, skipping red rocket. There's some guys shooting each other, but my dog doesn't like the ones at ground level, so fuck it I kill them. Then i grab the laser musket and help the guys, then kill an irradiated lizard from a balcony (I was shocked when it climbed to fight me there, like WTF amazing, so I ended up killing it through a door frame). Anyway I had my own problems so I left for DC.

I found a diner, tried to talk an old lady into paying her debts but she pay me to kill the guy. Guy didn't seem very nice, this world can officially bite my ass do I offed him.

I was about to get to DC, very low on ammo and my armor all fucked up, and I found these mutants… When I finally got in I had like 3% core, no ammo, and all my PA limbs were broken. But at least he major welcomed me!!! (it seems the gal that was outside was a reporter for a tabloid and slandered the guy, but I support the freedom of press). Anyway the guy sent me to find this valentine.

Inside a girl gave me a newspaper and a robot sold me enough steel to repair my broken pieces; I spoke to the detective secretary and she offered to pay my expenses, so I went to the bar and ended sleeping there for four hours in until morning, after agreeing to help a guy in a bar fight next dat (I might need the money).

Anyways, I ended up selling almost everything I had except my vault suit, my wedding ring and my 10mm for two fusion cores… Oh and I got some black rimmed glasses and a red bandana for my dog.

So I go to the metro station, shoot a few gangsters, get some ammo, hit a few gangsters with their friends bat (it's surprisingly effective!) and then a fat guy wouldn't shut up so I used my first frag grenade…


We came back to DC with Nick; I needed to talk to the major but since it was 4am again I went to rent a room with my last 10 caps. Turns out the bar fight was ON. So, the white asshole kinda punched my dog, so domeat, who DOES NOT fuck around, jumped at his neck and killed him. Travis panicked and pulled out a gun and killed the black guy, and the bartender was very pissed off, so I agreed to talk to the girl on my way out to the major.

Next morning I convinced the gal, and then the major gave me the key, and after looting kellogs house I could afford some 10mm ammo and to find him we went. I put nails on my bat. Some gal asked for help on the way and it turned out it was a raider ambush and I died at hardware town (I was like lv4 or 5).

I reloaded (from diamond city exit) and went to the fort. Fighting the terminators was fun and they hurt a lot. I was forced to check every room in fort hagen for ammo / heal items, and ended using an instute rifle and my trusty bat with nails (which was surprisingly effective!!!).

So, time to face kellogg, and I popped a psycho for the occasion. I told him I was going to make him suffer and hit him a few times with my bat. He dissappeared and repositioned, so I took the opportunity to kill his synths. When they go down I'm at 40% life, and have no ammo. Kellogg is in a corner, and my dog grabs him!!!! So he ates a frag grenade, dies, and Dogmeat gets my last stimpack (fun fact, he ate about 75% of my stims so far). This fight was AMAZING. I was level 6 by now.

I go back to DC (and I hear the same girl asking for help again! I went through the back and murdered them out and looted the place, i got a combat rifle!!!) So talk to Nick, restock, then goodneighbor, the memories, and Virgil.

At the edge of the glowing sea I fought a yao way with my bat. Dogmeat was a champ again, man that dog ROCKS. The fight was really good!!!

The radscorpions in the glowing sea were a PITA and ate all my 300 .45 rounds. I killed 2 deathclaws too, but the third (on the way our, just about to leave) i had to run away from because I had only 70 10mm ammo and I wasn't gonna fight a fucking deathclaw with a baseball bat!

Anyway, I went to CIT, (after fixing my armor in DC) fought some gunners, and fought a terminator. Guy was surprisingly hard, and even though I had some ammo from the gunners, I was going down before he was… But then my dog bit it's leg, I pulled the baseball bat… And it was still surprisingly effective!!! Very nice fight again, survived with 20% life, lv14!

And thats where I am so far.

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