My take on legendary changes for the future

fallout 5 - My take on legendary changes for the future

For weapons:

  1. Anti-Armor: No changes
  2. Assassin's: Damage dealt to humans and players +25%
  3. Berserker's: Damage +100%(but broken armor no longer gives buffs, it shouldn't anyway imho)
  4. Bloodied: No changes
  5. Double: No changes
  6. Executioner's: Damage +50% when enemy HP is below 50%
  7. Exterminator's: Damage to mirelurks and bugs +50%
  8. Furious: No changes
  9. Ghoul Slayer's: REMOVED, see #18
  10. Hunter's: Damage to animals and cryptids +50%
  11. Instigating: No changes
  12. Junkie's: No changes
  13. Medic's: Scale to damage
  14. Mutant's: Damage +5% with each mutation, up to 25%
  15. Mutant Slayer's: REMOVED, see #18
  16. Nocturnal: Base damage at daytime
  17. Quad: No changes
  18. Slayer's: Damage to Ghouls and Super Mutant's + 50%
  19. Stalker's: V.A.T.S Accuracy +100%
  20. Suppressor's: Damage -40% for 4 seconds
  21. Troubleshooter's: Damage to robots +50%
  22. Two Shot: Lower the accuracy penalty
  23. Vampire's: No changes
  24. Zealot's: Damage to scorched +50%


  1. Anti-Armor: Solid and strong, nothing needs to be changed.
  2. Assassin's: Straight damage boost for pvp(still unsure).
  3. Berserker's: Keeping it simple: "ME STRONG".
  4. Bloodied: Still best build ^^.
  5. Double: Legacy anyway.
  6. Executioner's: Still unsure, might boost it to +75%.
  7. Exterminator's: Useable for raids(if they ever come back).
  8. Furious: Already solid choice, no drawbacks.
  9. Ghoul Slayer's: Just bad.
  10. Hunter's: Very useable for ACP, might even become "must-use"
  11. Instigating: Already top-tier for beating mobs.
  12. Junkie's: A bit unsure, maybe increase addiction penalty.
  13. Medic's: Medic's fatman, anymone?
  14. Mutant's: Free damage, since mutations will always be more positive than negative.
  15. Mutant Slayer's: Just bad.
  16. Nocturnal: Lower damage at day makes these weapons bad.
  17. Quad: Does what it says, solid effect.
  18. Slayer's: Way better than GS and MS alone.
  19. Stalker's: Always double V.A.T.S accuracy, but no damage boost.
  20. Suppressor's: Still unsure, but -40% damage is huge.
  21. Troubleshooter's: Very useable for Encryptid, might even become "must-use".
  22. Two Shot: Already solid effect but the accuracy penalty is a bit too much.
  23. Vampire's: Vampire's minigun, no more words needed.
  24. Zealot's: Very useable for SBQ, might even become "must-use"


  1. Assassin's: Damage from players and humans -8%
  2. Auto-Stim; Cooldown to 30 seconds
  3. Bolstering: No changes
  4. Chameleon: No changes
  5. Cloaking: I don't even know how this works.
  6. Exterminator's: -20% damage from mirelurks and bugs
  7. Ghoul Slayer's; REMOVED, see #14
  8. Hunter's: -20% damage from animals and cryptids
  9. Life Saving: No changes
  10. Mutant's: +5 DR+ER per mutation(up to 25)
  11. Mutant Slayer's; REMOVED, see #14
  12. Nocturnal: Base defense at daytime
  13. Regenerating: Also heals RADs
  14. Slayer's: -20% damage from ghouls and supermutants
  15. Troubleshooter's: -20% damage from robots.
  16. Unyielding: No changes
  17. Vanguard: No changes
  18. Weightless: No changes
  19. Zealot's: -20% damage from scorched


  1. Assassin's: Luck based pvp sucks.
  2. Auto-Stim; 60 seconds is too much.
  3. Bolstering: Already good.
  4. Chameleon: Already good.
  5. Cloaking: I don't even know how this works.
  6. Exterminator's: Very useable for raids.
  7. Ghoul Slayer's; Just bad.
  8. Hunter's: Very userable for ACP.
  9. Life Saving: Watch TYR & Captainoob's Earle kills.
  10. Mutant's: Basically free defense.
  11. Mutant Slayer's: Just bad.
  12. Nocturnal: Lower damage resistance at day makes this effect bad.
  13. Regenerating: Still unsure, just sounds cool.
  14. Slayer's: Way better than GS and MS alone.
  15. Troubleshooter's: Very useable for Encryptid.
  16. Unyielding: Best prefix.
  17. Vanguard: Solid prefix.
  18. Weightless: A mule's dream.
  19. Zealot's: Very useable for SBQ.

Your thoughts on the matter?

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