My thoughts on Fallout 76 after playing for many hours/level 30. I try to stay neutral, and talk about what I like and don’t like.

fallout 2 - My thoughts on Fallout 76 after playing for many hours/level 30. I try to stay neutral, and talk about what I like and don’t like.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I don’t know how many hours I’ve put into it off the top of my head but I’m level 30 now. Although I do miss npc’s, there’s been no shortage of interesting lore or quests. Although mostly through robots, holotapes, and computer entries, it is all still really fun to explore.

One undeniable thing about this game is the map design, and how good of a job was done on it. Whether or not you think the lushness of the world is correct or not, the different areas are all very uniquely designed and all give off a very different atmosphere, and the result is what always feels like something completely new to explore.

It is very survival focused, and the eating and drinking mechanics work very well in the system, and being that there’s no difficulty to set, you really have to examine if you’re prepared to go into a situation. It works well. Compare the difficulty to hardcore more in new Vegas, or at least after you leave the initial area. The disease system could be refined, but it works and makes enough sense, along with being balanced enough.

Enemy types have been greatly expanded and there are a ton of new mutated animals and monsters. There’s one or two in particular that stand out as odd to me, but most of them fit very well into the world, and feel like creatures that would come from a post-war world. Overall the variety of animals are very fallout-like, and I commend them for that much.

Weapons and armor are another very strong point for the game. Fallout 4’s weapon variety was lacking in my opinion and that was addressed in this game. Some of their reasonings for being in game were sketchy to say the least, but regardless there is a massive amount of choice in what weapons, mods, armor and ammo to bring with you. I think that was another area they did very good in. The wider variety in a guns makes the world its set in feel more real. It would help if some lore was added as to why some weapons that were specific to a certain area were in game, but perhaps I’ve not got to that part in game yet.

Power armor is super fun like always, and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. It makes you feel like a tank and helps in dangerous encounters a ton. At first I was frustrated at the lack of fusion cores that I could find, but around level 17 I realized it’s only once you frequently need to use power armor that you really end up doing the methods that have a high yield of fusion cores. The power plants are difficult to hold, and difficult to repair and take over, so I’m very glad they don’t rip you off with the fusion cores. They give 8 per hour last I read, and it feels really balanced. The only people that can hold the power plants long enough to farm them for really long times are high levels that worked for the power. I think it’s balanced well, you just have to play long enough to understand the use of power armor.


The economy I’m neutral about. I don’t often find myself buying plans because of how expensive they are, but that isn’t the only way to get those things. Caps are easy enough to come by as It’s easy to run through a large building or a town, collect all the scrap and weapons/meat from enemy’s, and sell it to a vendor to clear them out of 200 caps. Everything takes time though, and even though it’s not difficult to collect junk and clear enemy’s, it’s still work and you are earning what you want to buy, so you had better hope it’s worth it. Basically what I’m saying is it works, it could be better, but between player trading and vendors, it works better than I expected, and fulfills the need for it in game.

With it all that said, I do have a few complaints as well. -The online only aspect is annoying to me personally, as I may not always be connected to Internet when I was to play fallout. Almost didn’t list it, but just the fact that this is the one fallout I couldn’t bring with me in various situations is just a little disappointing.

-The stash box system though necessary in an online game, makes it very difficult for someone trying to play a solo experience. I’m the type of player that wants to hold onto every cool trinket and hat I find, but your stash box, which any placed container will share the inventory of creating an ended-chest like deal with all you containers, only has a weight limit of 800 pounds, which will fill up quicker than you think. You only keep what’s necessary to your survival, and there’s not much room for the cool shit you can find.

-Finally, my last complaint is the way the leveled weapons work. I understand this has to be a mechanic in an online game like this, but once again makes it sometimes difficult to play a solo experience. I found myself in situations at level 20 going into high level locations, fighting an exhausting fight against a level 40 wendigo or level 50 scorch beast and spending a shit load of ammo stimpacks only to receive a level 35 or 40 weapon that I couldn’t even use. I thought at first atleast I could hold onto them until I was that level but the stash box makes me sell them so I can afford to own extra chems or ammo or resources or the other essential things you need.

With all the hate, I want to make it known that even with some minor frustrating moments, it’s still a very fun game to play, and if you’ve enjoyed the last 3 fallouts, you’ll probably enjoy this one much as I have. Just know what you’re getting into, and know that it’s going to be different. But being different doesn’t make it bad.

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