My Thoughts on Fallout 76 So Far

fallout 1 - My Thoughts on Fallout 76 So Far

I’ve been a fan of the Fallout series since I first played FNV when it first came out. Personally, I’ve always wanted a multiplayer Fallout because I thought it would be pretty neat to be able to take down a pack of deathclaws with a few other people. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Fallout 76, but I honestly didn’t think it would be as good as it is!

First off, I was not expecting the level of detail that F76 has. I couldn’t believe how many trees there were and I sure couldn’t believe how well-incorporated the mountains were. I didn’t have any bugs or glitches when navigating through the steep mountains, which I was truly amazed about. In other games, I’ve glitched through mountains or hills and fell through the map. I loved the weather aspect and I thought the lightning was pretty neat. I took a lot of screenshots of the starry sky and also a lot of different scenery across the map. I really enjoyed how colorful the world was, rather than the usual dull atmosphere of previous Fallout games. Bethesda did an amazing job of creating a beautiful and intriguing map to play on.


Speaking of the map, I honestly can’t believe how big it is. I didn’t get to explore very much of it because I was trying to loot through everything in one area before moving on to the next, but having to spend a few seconds scrolling across the map to see the other side is exciting. There is so much to explore in F76 and I honestly didn’t finish exploring F4 in its entirety. I think the teams concept will make it easier to travel the map.

The only bug/glitch I found was when going into combat with my team. The game froze for a few seconds and I thought I would have to exit to the dashboard, close the game, and restart. I didn’t have to, as the game corrected it by itself and I was able to keep playing without any more issues. The game was laggy in parts, especially when I was around a few other people in the same area, but it wasn’t drastic.

I really look forward to playing more Fallout 76. I cannot wait until the next B.E.T.A. time is revealed.


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