My thoughts on the creation club

fallout 1 - My thoughts on the creation club

My thoughts on the creation club

I know that the creation club is a topic of controversy on this subreddit, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on it. I don’t have every creation, but I do have enough to form a good opinion. I’m only going to review the items I have.

Id Bundle: This bundle includes the Doom Armor, BFG, and Quake Thunderbolt. This set is just a fun addition. It’s not lore friendly or balanced all that well, but it’s there for players to have a little extra fun.

Neon Flats: One of the best creation club packages on the market right now. A stellar player home in Goodneighbor, two unique outfits that can accept ballistic weave, a unique legendary pistol with a unique skin, workshop items, and a fascinating quest to wrap it all up. The quest is written in such a way that it works for nearly every kind of character. Minuteman or Railroad? Let the AI live freely. Brotherhood, Institute or Raider? Take that AI for yourself and use it to suit your needs.

Captain Cosmos: Probably my second favorite creation club package. A fun quest that’s lore friendly, a Unique Weapon, Outfit and Power Armor set that can all be acquired infinitely with enough time (and caps) put in. All the pieces are useful, fun and well designed. It’s not as interactive or complex as Neon Flats, but it’s very useful and fun to play with all around!

Coffee and Donuts Workshop: Despite seeming simple, this workshop set is actually pretty good! Not only do you get two new outfit sets and a ton of very useful workshop items, but you also get loads of new consumable items that not only fit into the game, but are surprisingly useful! Who needs a stimpak when you have donuts? With bonuses to sneak damage, energy resist, special stats, AP and more, you’ll find a use for this creation even if you don’t like settlement building.

Fantasy Hero set: A short, fun quest at Hubris comics, featuring items much more balanced than the Doom and Quake items. However, it’s relatively short, and the items usefulness will vary greatly depending on your play style and personal taste. A good value for it’s price!


Graphic T-Shirt Pack: Not particularly enthused about this one. Got it because I didn’t have the Credits to get much else of value. It adds 35 new outfits to the game, these outfits all have identical stats (1 Ballistic DR and +2 Charisma). And they can all be outfitted with ballistic weave. There’s a lot here for it’s value, but it’s not particularly useful or interesting.

Handmade Shotgun: Personally, I believe this is a must have. It’s lore friendly, being a “Pipe Shotgun” of sorts, and it’s very useful! Being more powerful than the Double barrel. Add on a second type with a 3rd barrel and you have a fun time. Cheap, useful and well designed.

Home Decor Workshop: Like Elianora’s mods? Get this. Like settlement building and want some more basic, common items like lockers and refrigerators? Get this. Cheap and fun for those that like settlements. If you don’t like settlements, don’t bother.

Horse Power Armor: Surprisingly better than anticipated. It’s a bit of a Bethesda Joke, relating to the price of horse Armor in their other game. It’s a funny little quest and the Armor itself has a lot of unique perks. It increases movement speed and jump height, is easy to repair and upgrade, and is one of the best sets of power Armor in all of Fallout 4. Creation club and DLC included.

Modular Military Backpack: This creation is more practical rather than fun. This backpack provides extra carry weight and other beneficial effects for those who don’t like using Power Armor. While it can be customized cosmetically, there’s much greater value in it’s stat boosting effects than in fashion. A bit expensive IMO.

Sentinel Control System: This one is quite fun. It ties into fallout lore, comes with some sweet rewards and has an interesting quest to go along with it. However there is one glaring flaw…Game Balance. The SCSC lets you have the Sole Survivor, a companion, and your Sentinel all at the same time, throw temporary companions and minutemen into the mix and you have a full on army at your disposal, not to mention nearly 900 lbs of carry weight. That aside I’d say this is a must have.

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