My thoughts on the game after 202 hours played.

fallout 7 - My thoughts on the game after 202 hours played.

Hi guys,

So I purchased Fallout76 on 28th February and to date I have clocked 200 hours. I wanna write my thoughts on the game thus far.

While some shall judge me that I played way too much in little over 2 weeks since I got the game, is ok, I have always been a mmorpg gamer and now, with this pandemic, I have even more time to play so….I play, a lot.

I will start by stating that I purchased FO76 without checking the updated videos on how the game shaped in 2 years, all I knew was that the game was a disaster at start, but having nothing else to play nowadays I decided to give the game a try since I was a huge fan of the franchise when I was a kid and Fallout Tactics made me lose night after night and skip school the day after.

So is safe to say I jumped in the game without any expectations. And yet, somehow, Bethesda managed to disappoint me. But we will get to that later….

I shall structure this "train of thoughts" into 3 parts: the good, the bad and the ugly. So lets start. Brace for a long post.

The good:

Probably the best thing this game has is its community. I am an old gamer with 7 years of Lineage2, 4 years of WoW, 9k+ hours of Path of Exile, 7k+ hours of Ark Survival Evolved to name a few games I have been playing… But in my 20 years of gaming I have never seen a community so polite and helpful towards new players. Maybe is because of the, limited, chat options, maybe is because veterans know that the games needs new blood in order to survive, I can not name it, but it feels amazing to have people in your group teleporting to you and give you stimpacks, armor, weapons .

Congrats to all of you veterans for making our early hours in West Virginia nicer !

S.P.E.C.I.A.L feels nice. I always loved this about Fallout. The cards look silly and I love them. There is room to improve, like more loadouts ( already on PTS, I know), maybe remove "non-esential" skills like Armorer, Bandolier, Can do, Cap Collector, Contractor, Hacker and all the other non combat perks and create a 2nd S.P.E.C.I.A.L that is only for utility perks and allow us to have 6-7 points socketed so we don't have to switch cards whenever we craft ammo, guns, mods or we want to build the C.A.M.P.

C.A.M.P building is a good feature ! It can be improved, triangle foundations could be a thing in order to build round bases ( check Ark Survival Evolved's building for ideas ), more spaces would be better, a cap vendor NPC to not have to go to a train station, every fucking day, would be amazing, maybe one of the vendor units in the C.A.M.P. could be replaced to have a buy option where I place orders for bullets, meds and so on so players visiting can sell me what I need. But C.A.M.P overall is a good feature and I enjoy it.

I can mention the narrative of Fo76 as a plus. The game, while you are doing the main quest feels amazing. There is always something to do, something new to discover. But once you are done with that, well, than, the bad starts to show.

The bad:

Optimization ! Or better said the lack of optimization on game engine… While I can play Black Desert on 60 fps on ULTRA, I am not able to make this game stay above 30 fps in combat, not even on full screen.

Lack of content ! Once you are done with main story there are a couple of side quests now and there but besides that is the same old daily quests- that lack variety and feel too repetitive – and 1 Special Ops and that is pretty much it…oh and 2 bosses that can be spawned… This is not AAA gaming end game content for a looter shooter. The game needs more, way more content !

Gearing locked behind daily gating like we are still in 2007 ! Gold Bullions, gated ! Legendary exchange, gated to 200/day ! Legendary modules from Purveyor, gated at 10/day when you need 1 for each legendary craft ! Selling your shit that you loot, in a fucking looter shooter, gated to 1400 caps/day ! Caps storage, gated to 30000 ! Inventory weight, in a fucking looter shooter, gated to 1200 ! These features feels like copy/pasta from an Asian mobile game cash grab ! Shame Bethesda !

The layer upon layer of RnG ! Is not enough that the key materials needed to craft are gated ( legendary modules ) and the currency to acquire the blueprints ( gold bullions ) is also gated ! On top of that we have to also deal with the merciless RnGessus, the uninstaller of games itself ! Want a 3* armor with 3 good perks that are needed for your build ? Good luck pulling that from the large pool, of mostly, crap ! You can craft 10 day, if you were a good boy and exchanged legendary items and bought the 10 ALLOWED Legendary modules, each day !


The ugly:

While I had my fun running the main story the game is worth 40 euros !

But is this game worthy of being called a AAA ? Is this game worth the 1st subscription plan that costs same as ESO's subscription ? HELL NO !

You make the plans drop as duplicates in an activity that you gate us to only do once per day ! You are gating every single fucking currency! You are nuking us with RnG! You do all this just to hide the lack of content, to buff the "hamster on a treadmill" narrative and keep us chasing the small amount of items you have to offer ! This won't last, it takes the average player around 2 weeks to get out of the "honey moon in West Virginia" phase and to realize that once you are done with main story and BoS there is nothing to do at end game, no fun goals to set, no activities to engage into !

The way the game runs, the lack of end game content, the ugly RnG with no means to undo the bad rolls, lack of response from devs regarding hacked guns, lack of communications from the devs regarding the game future, delayed content updates, delayed balancing, shameful atom shop variety of items – 2 or 3 community modders could blow those atom shop items out of the water in 2 weeks time – , a monthly fee priced the same as in Elders Scrolls, in a game that seems in life support judging by the content, the state its in now and the devs interaction with the player base, all of these are not acceptable from a AAA company in 2021 !

Sorry but this game is not worthy of being called a AAA ! If I were you, Bethesda, or should I say Microsoft now, I would feel only shame and incapability to deliver ! This is a failed project ! A failed project with an amazing community, a community that deserves more, a community you should do more for !

Since you bared with me through all of this, and I thank you for reading it, I have some suggestions, if the devs bother to read.

The game has the narrative and the foundation to build on ! This game can pull a " No man's sky" and have a huge comeback, but it needs dedication and a capable team of devs !

Changes that would make an impact in my opinion :

– Remove vendor cap limit ! let us sell what we loot and don't need.

– Remove cap limit or raise it to 1 million.

– Remove Legendary Vendor daily limit and allow us to roll 1 perk on any legendary that we craft, increasing the cost to roll it with each attempt, guaranteeing that we don't get same perk 2-3 times in a row when we roll (keep RnG on a shorter leash).

-Allow us to scrap the legendary that we craft, while we scrap allow the possibility, with a low chance, to get mods blueprints as a result.

– Remove duplicate PLANS from Daily OPS.

– Allow us to have all the ally active on our C.A.M.P.S, more dailies is more content !

– Remove the weight limit from the storage or greatly increase it! We are hoarders, let us hoard !

– Revamp the 1st bonuses.

End-game wise, make the game feel like a looter-shooter by adding an endless tower – endless vault -mode, for solo and maybe group. Make it 31 floors, floors 10/20/30 and 31 are boss floors and they allow us to access a storage box and a tinker's wrokbench after defeating the boss. The difficulty and mobs numbers increases with each floor.

Boss of floor 10 rewards 1* gear, boss of floor 20 rewards 2* gear and boss of floor 30 rewards 3* gear.

31st floor is the bonus floor where a badass boss will be faced. Upon defeat, the boss drops a rare plan, NO DUPLICATES. Oh and don't gate it ! Let us farm it until our noses bleed ! We would love to do it ! Also allow only 5 revives, to make it interesting…..

– Send surveys every month to ask players about their journey and how they feel about guns/armor. Change the meta twice a year according to feedback.

– Change the reward for 7600 hours played. That is laughable !

– Boost the POSSUM badges probability of reward from the events ! Farming badges for the backpack mods is as tedious as Final Fantasy XIV's story and I think is a huge turnoff !

TL;DR: Once the "honey moon in West Virginia" ends the game fails to deliver. Game runs bad and lacks content. There is still hope !

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