My thoughts on this whole fallout 76 debacle.

fallout 2 - My thoughts on this whole fallout 76 debacle.

It all starts with Fallout 4, it targeted a general audience by focusing more on being a FPS than a RPG. Bethesda did this in order to grow its player base while still keeping its original player base happy more or less. Fallout 4’s sales numbers where great and all in all it grew the fan base.

Around this time Bethesda notices that there is a growing market in micro transactions and a market for unique skins aka “mini DLCs”. So Bethesda creates the Creation Club to cash in on this growing trend. Even though Fallout’s modding community is always two step ahead. They still implement it into their titles and it is met with resistance from the player base. In the end Creation Club rakes in cash with minimum effort on Bethesda’s end.

Fast forward to fallout 76. By making fallout 76 online only, it would prevent mods from being implemented. In turn Bethesda can implement micro transaction without the competition of the modding community. Bethesda also wanted to use the player base it had built from fallout 4 to bolster sales. More players = more micro transaction sales. You can tell how much Bethesda focused on the atom shop since it is the only thing that works in the game. The only reason Bethesda would allow mods later on is to keep the game relevant for years while still keeping the atom shop to generate sales.

Fallout 76 was meant to be a cash cow from the start but it was rushed to cash in on the micro transaction boom we had earlier this year. Fallout 76 was made as quickly as possible as cheap as possible. Low risk high returns. Also going as far at using assets from previous titles(Skyrim dragons). Bethesda has lost a lot of credibility and goodwill from the player base because of their poor business practices.

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I love fallout in general, I have played fallout 1,2,3,nv,4 and unfortunately 76. Fallout is truly my favorite game franchise. I hate seeing it run into the ground like this. I just hope that Bethesda changes their ways before they release fallout 5 and star field. I was optimistic when 76 was announced but the truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

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