My Ultimate Guide for XP gain/Ranking up in legendary run

fallout 7 - My Ultimate Guide for XP gain/Ranking up in legendary run

This guide took a while to create so every bit of upvote or positive comment would make my day 🙂

So i made a post where i had a mission to pass Zorbo and smack him, which i did with the support of you guys. I have decided to make a guide on what i did to achieve this and possibly help you guys smack him.

Link to my post where i smacked Zorbo

Lets get right into it.

Before we begin (Ironic i know) We need to check our S.P.E.C.I.A.L and see how much INT we have and XP gain. You want to use Unyelding armor for S.P.E.C.I.A.L boost (Mainly Inteligence), Canned meat stew that comes from the event ""Feed the people"" and lastly get some scorchbeast brain and cook it. If you got Carnivore mutation that will yield you double the INT boosts from meats. Instead of the base stat of +4 INT you will get +8 from scorchbeast brain.

When farming scorchbeast brain have the perk ""Butchers bounty"" to get double meat.

Another boost is being in a ""Public Team"" Building teams can give up to +4 INT and Event Team gives double XP reward for completing events. When doing this route you'd want to be in a building team. Dont forget to use perk ""Strange in numbers"" for 25% extra S.P.E.C.I.A.L that come from mutations (Only positive stat boosts) If a mutation gives 4 INT you will get 5 instead. (affects all S.P.E.C.I.A.L)

So, Canned meat stew 5% bonus XP (10% with Carnivore mutation) Scorchbeast brain +4 INT (+8 with Carnivore mutation) and if possible Berry mentats for +5 INT. Aswell as full set of Unyelding armor. Public team for XP boost (Strange in numbers only works when in a team where a teammate is mutated aswell)

Part 1

Complete all steps shown in part one and proceed to clear the golf course infested with ghouls.

Part 2

From here go over to the location posted below and kill the Monster that rule those lands. Thus yielding you from around 1 000 Exp.


Part 3

Clear West Tec, using my build you should get around 350-500 XP for EACH super mutant killed. I've counted 28 on my run (Just inside of West Tec building, not accounting for the dogs) and if we calculate at 350 so low end, a run of West tec should yield you around 9 500 XP. Remember if you have higher INT and other XP boosts like the lunchboxes this could be alot higher.

Part 4

Clear these 2 Fissure sites. I only recommend these 2 since the level of these are the highest i've found around the map and each kill should yield from 750-2.3k XP.

I've made this into Part 1-4 since this is the route i take and if a event spawns, always go to that event while joined in a team for double XP yield after completing event (Reward from ""Public Teams"")

Last part is server jump and repeat. Keep in mind it's not the most fun to do but gains you a TON of XP. As a bonus for reading all of this here is another small guide that can yield you 5k xp per 12 sec 🙂


When Line of sand event comes, get ontop of the mountain behind the scorched spawns and they should all spawn in one place, don't know why this happens but i've completed the repeatable over 10 times during one event. Pro tip, use a weapon with the explosive legendary perk so you just need to tag them then let the other players kill them. Or if you have a tesla rifle you can do the same. It is crucial that you stand on the mountain side as i did so they all spawn grouped, has worked 100% of the time for me.

And lastly here is a clip i made that took 30 min of editing even though it shouldnt have. Hope this makes you laugh.

Turn on sound or its not funny

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