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My XP boosting guide for repeatable S.C.O.R.E. weekly. Help me improve!

fallout 6 - My XP boosting guide for repeatable S.C.O.R.E. weekly. Help me improve!

Ever since week one I saw the repeatable and decided now it was time to put in some research and find the best XP boosting you can get. So I did my best, and came up with what has doubled my normal XP, and my friends, and I've gone from "maybe" one level up a play session, to now a certain 2 and maybe 3. I'm now level 303, hitting 300 his past weekend, and I only wish I'd done this sooner, even before the herbivore buff. Here is my list, if you can think of other things please let me know!

The loadout

First, the "permanent" buff like equipment and Special, etc.

  • Intelligence certainly effects XP gain, get this as high as you build allows in SPECIAL. I cut some CHR finally to get base 9 from 6. Worth it for me in the long run as I get those 3 levels back fast, in one play session now
  • For power armor you only get +1 from the internal database, sorry guys
  • For non power armor, its obvious, bloodied builds rejoice, you get Unyielding gear for +15
    • Also the legendary roll for INT on gear can boost it to +20 if you have a full set, but I wouldn't worry on this as much as its time intensive and its wasting time getting the XP. Use if you got it
  • Under armor: Flannel shirt and jeans gives +3 INT. Best of under armors I've found. If you can't make it, then the atom shop has the waster under armor which has it too! On sale now, shielded plans required.
  • Mutations
    • With public teams Herd mentality is not a must have for XP grinders, as its +2 but +3 with strange in numbers.
      • While you're at it empath is nice if everyone ran this we'd all be tankier 🙂
    • Egg Head. Must have, +8 with SiN perk. Classfreak at this point as STR and END hit is decent
    • Herbivore (read on, recommended) or Carnivore (still nice but less useful XP wise)
  • Perks ( I need to test stacking as it was working once upon a time.)
    • Inspirational: Team play is the best for XP. Use it or have someone sharing it +15% rank3
    • Strange in numbers, buff alot of mutations listed above. Use it, doesn't stack at all with others
    • Cola nut: Haven't tested, but it should boost cranberry nuka cola? If not w/e beth…
    • Chem Fiend: Prolongs mentats, use if you can slot it or get a friend to share it!
  • Public Teams!
    • Builders get INT boost. DO IT (+4 full team)
    • If in an event, hot swap to event team. Bonds stay full so no penalty. Swap back to builder after event xp is awarded.

I think that's it for equipment and permanent buffs. Let me know if I missed any please!

The Consumables

That's a solid boost from gear/perks/ etc, now for consumables. Make sure you run good with salt to stop them from spoiling, or have the backpack mod for refrigerator. If you want carnivore, you get below list which is not bad, but the herbivore wins out, see below. If you know of more meat that "counts" as mean and boosts XP (canned meat stew doesn't get buffed) then let me know! (in parenthesis is with carno)

  • Tasty Squirrel Stew +10% xp (+20%/+25% with strange in numbers )
    • farming salt and squirrel make this a hard pass for me in favor of cranberry relish
  • Broiled Scorchbeast brain: +3 INT (+5 INT? )

Herbivore significantly buffs Brain fungus soup, and Cranberry Relish now. This wins out i think since they are much faster and easier to farm up large amounts. So here's my new consumable table: (numbers in parenthesis for herbivore mutation if applicable)

  • Brain fungus soup: +3 INT (+5 INT)
  • Cranberry Relish +10% XP? (+20%/+25% w/Strange in numbers)

Mutation independent:

  • Berry Mentats (+5 INT)
  • New added lunchboxes! +25% XP per teammate. Only stack one for each team member. Not ballsy enough to test far aparat, i always have my team grouped up, and everyone pops one. Up to +100% for a nice double xp hour.
    • Rewarded from the legendary run seasons only

Let me know if I missed anything that either surpasses or further stacks!

Farming the Consumables


Pretty much everything needs boiled water, so just gather from a stream during one of your runs below. Also wood you can get anywhere, but in bulk go to wood shack in Helvitia, or Prickett's fort for the log stacks. For god's sake, use super duper and green thumb!

For the carnos: (use butcher's bounty for double collection)

  • Tasty squirrel stew
    • Squirrel around whitesprings and some in forest region near flat woods. If its fasnacht helvia is good.
    • Salt, found in whitespring clubhouse tables, and most tables in diners, cafeterias, etc.
    • Tato: Grow them for fastest results, otherwise pick from aaronholt homestead near cranberries, and cobbleton farm for a C.A.M.P. starter garden.
  • Broiled scorchbeast brain: Kill the Scorchedbeasts

Now for herbivores:

  • Cranberry Nuka cola: +5% (Cola nut**???**) Not worth farming for as it is counter productive, I hear it overrides cranberry relish so…yea forget it.
  • Leader bobbleheads: +5% Not worth farming, but use what you got
  • Well Rested: +5% OK, not a consumable but its temporary. Lover's embrace lasts 3 hours (thanks deguierre, can't spell name…)
  • Brain Fungus Soup
    • Brain fungus in droves: Whitesprings behind building(plaza) in dumpsters, Wendigo Cave, Cranberry bog trenches between Fissure prime and Watoga, and some in The Deep which you'll be there anyway for mentat run (read on)
  • Cranberry Relish
    • Gourd: Grow these in your camp! Find one, and plant them, I planted 10, still feel like i need more
      • Turbo fert can insta-grow these! I'll be testing this out on wild plants too because it would be a game changer
    • Cranberries: Cranberry bog during brain fungus route in ditches. Sunset farm in the pond with mirelurk queen, Aaronholt Homestead (in field downhill by silo closest to house)
    • Sugar (snaptail reeds): In droves i get 80+ with greenthumb in two spots. First Vault tec agriculture, start in end of stream and start following stream north to wayward (30+) then go to Ohio River adventures, and follow stream north and personally i stop at hillfolk hot dogs.
  • Berry Mentats (short lasting, may not be worth unless you do one large run to last a few play sessions, or use chem fiend to prolong the effects)
    • Mentats (read own bullet)
    • Brain fungus (see soup above)
    • Starlight Berries: The Deep, its the most bang for your time. Don't bother else where as the mentat grind is length and lasts the least amount of time.
    • Firecracker berries: Arktos pharma, go North, and then circle around the hills NW and W. There are tons, netted nearly 40 but rumor has it there are 30 bushes. Not worth hunting all since starlight berries are the bottle neck on this
  • Mentats ( i get most of these from ghouls during xp runs but if you need a boost)
    • Brain fungus (same as soup)
    • Fire cap (Vault tec agriculture planters(6), between overseer's camp and slocum's joe (4), Need help finding a jackpot on this one guys!)
    • Carrot flower (palace of winding path courtyard and garden, Sacrament, NW by biplane, and Whitesprings cabin planters)

XP time

So there's what i got. Help me For XP runs everyone knows Whitesprings, the burrows and West-tek. I'm keeping my others ones a bit a secret between my friends and I since they are the backups with high player competition. I don't have FO1st so I need those runs and if they get traffic my XP is suffering. But if you find a real competitive time, then I'll help you with some less visited ones that will at least give SOMETHING. These are by far not the first choices.

  • General steakhouse (super mutants)
  • Fissures! Scorchbeasts are good XP, and from experience, higher legendary RNG, though slower to kill (RIP my melee build)

P.S. Feel free to take my gourds to start your garden 🙂

Edit: Completely forgot about perks and well rested, but I use those so adding them!Added public teams which i missed but was the reason for this post. Ha…

Props to
strembrulie - My XP boosting guide for repeatable S.C.O.R.E. weekly. Help me improve!

u/strembrulie for the carno mentions/farming/tasty squirrel stew. I would not have bothered with that! Cheers

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    My Dude
    Jul 15, 2020 3:30 am

    Caned Meat Stew from Feed the People Event provides 5h of bonus Exp and for carnivores a 10-12% bonus (Strange in Numbers) that does not spoil unlike squirrels so you can have some saved up in case those spoil and if you don’t want to deal with cooking you do not need to.

    If Cranberry Nuka Cola provides a 5% bonus with Herbivore and Strange in Numbers then it should offer a 15% bonus with Cola Nut and will also not spoil. I believe these spawn in static spots. I know it provides a 6% bonus with Cola Nut.

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