Naming Conventions of Fallout DLC

fallout 2 - Naming Conventions of Fallout DLC

Okay, I swear I’m going somewhere with this, just hear me out.

 Has anyone else noticed that the DLC for Fallout has different naming conventions depending on who’s in charge? Specifically the developer. Bethesda usually just named their DLC after the location set it was set in, very literal naming conventions, while Obsidian gave a more symbolic name.l’ll go over each DLC. 

Let’s go down the list in chronological order:

Fallout 3

Operation: Anchorage -The name is rather blatant, a military simulation set during the liberation of Alaska

The Pitt -The setting is the ruins of Pittsburgh

Broken Steel -This one’s name is a bit more unique than the rest. Could be a reference to how the Enclave surprise attack the BOS so hard, they’re scrambling to respond, or in wiping out the rest of the Enclave.

Point Lookout -This DLC takes place in, you guessed it, Point Lookout

Mothership Zeta -While I can’t remember if the name of the ship is ever revealed, or if it’s a mothership, the term mothership is often thrown around in alien abduction stories, and the Zeta could be referring to the Zetans, the aliens we fight. So this name is also a bit less literal.

Fallout New Vegas

Dead Money -The name Dead Money is a phrase used in poker to describe the money left in the pot. Since e gambling is featured heavily in NV, and greed is a central part of this DLC, the name gives a symbolic flare to it


Honest Hearts -I can’t for the life of me figure out what, if any, this is a reference to. Sounds Western and cowboy-ish, though, so I guess it fits the theme of NV.

Old World Blues -A saying in the Fallout Universe to describe a person so obsessed with the past, they can’t see the future, much less the present, for what it is. Fitting for a DLC so full of the Old World, it’s tech and knowledge. The fact that Ulysses and Father Elijah, two characters that could be described as having OWB come up in this DlC is icing on the cake

Lonesome Road -A DLC marketed as the final challenge, a journey you must walk alone (shut up, Ed-E), so the name is apt

Fallout 4

Automatron -The DLC heavily revolves around robots, so the name is fitting if a bit bland

Workshop DLC -Literal names to describe their content

Far Harbor -This DLC takes place in the swamps and gloom of Bar Harbor

Nuka-World -Guess where this DLC takes place?

This is all just my observation. I know it appears like I’m just showing off how “NV is sooooo much better than FO4 because of THIS!”, but I just want to draw attention to the different priorities shown by the developers. Obsidian to tell a story, Bethesda to give fun. There’s a discussion here somewhere. If any of you could think of cool alternative names to give the Bethesda DLC, I’d love to hear it.

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