Nearing 2000 hours play time. I love Fallout 76. Went from 460-550 this weekend. My build, farm areas, play style, gear and finally 1 suggestion to improve the game.

fallout 8 - Nearing 2000 hours play time. I love Fallout 76. Went from 460-550 this weekend. My build, farm areas, play style, gear and finally 1 suggestion to improve the game.

Enjoy the read. It is long. For those of you with boring office jobs, I was there once. I hope you enjoy this the most.

Remember the 900 hours guy? Well its almost 2000 now. I like Fallout 76. My original accounts are still banned, I bought a new one at the start of March. This new account has approaching 1100 hours playtime with characters at levels 554, 95 and 85. Before I was banned my original main was level 480ish.

Due to current life circumstances I have an income source and an inabilty to work. Fallout 76 is really the only thing I enjoy in life right now. I can't explain what it is, but I just truly love this game. If this garners enough interest I've been suggested to stream Fallout 76. I know this game like the back of my hand and I hope I can impart a bit of knowledge here.

I play the game almost entirely on my own. If I do group up, it's with a mule account. I prefer playing at my pace, which is erratic and insanely fast paced at times. I've traded on reddit once and most of weapons/armor is from player vending, drops or the purveyor. I get a huge sense of joy when I find an amazing bit of gear.

During this recent double XP weekend I went from level 460-550. I learned that 2000 XP is the maximum amount any 1 source can award you. I believe this was a hidden change made early in the games history when you could gain infinite of a stat through an easy to do exploit. I was linked to a video taken in December of a player with ridiculous intelligence gaining 80k XP from 1 kill. That is no longer possible, but it's still possible to reach 50+ int.

I maintained 48-52 int throughout the entire weekend and used the following:

  • 5x Unyielding armor.
  • Grouped with Night Person, Inspirational, Herd Mentality.
  • Berry Mentats literally any time I was in combat. I used 400-500, not sure on actual number. Started with 250, had to farm/buy a bunch during the weekend.
  • Brain Bombs or Broiled Scorchbeast Brain running most of the time for +3 int, if I had none I used brain fungus soup for +2 int.
  • Only had 5 leader bobbleheads and no magazines.
  • Well Rested and Cranberry Relish all the time.

I farm basically all of the Cranberry Bog and most of the Eastern Mire. Infact most of what I clear is the east side of the map, West Tek, Whitespring and National Isolated Radio Array. Deep down below is my full farm route.

perks?v=1&s=3f15b8d&d=sg2p00pd0pg2pk0ph2pl0pi2eu0c72cu0ic4s12ir2ao0a12a00a30la2l71l11lt2lu2a91po1&w=&n=&m=0125cdfeg - Nearing 2000 hours play time. I love Fallout 76. Went from 460-550 this weekend. My build, farm areas, play style, gear and finally 1 suggestion to improve the game.

My go to hybrid build. Usually I'm always playing as this setup. On the odd occasion I'll swap to full commando/rifleman if I feel like that style, or if the situation needs.

I launched no nukes and participated in 4 Scorched Earths and 5 Encrpytid events. I forgot Project Paradise and Arktos Pharma even existed.

These are my favorites/niche ones.

  • Blocker – God Tier perk. Absolutely mandatory if you think you might ever get hit in melee. If I take this off to use a weight reduction perk I'm EXTREMELY careful to not get into melee.
  • Ground Pounder – The text states "automatic rifles reload faster" but this is currently bugged and affects ALL rifles. All I use is rifles so getting some reload speed on a guass rifle or crossbow is really handy.
  • Radicool – 1 point for 5 strength. Just plain nutso, especially with this build. There aren't many good endurance perks for bloodied/unyielding.
  • Tenderizer – I love this one. 1 perk for 5% damage output with everything. Can't ask for better. Almost all of my weapons are automatic/flamer.
  • Nerd Rage – it took me about 6 months until I finally got this to work for me. Utterly amazing perk if you can tolerate this style. The AP regen it gives you isn't 15% AP regen, it's 15 flat ap regen, which is the same as powered gear. Effectively Nerd Rage has 3 bits of Powered gear built into it. Flat AP regen is stronger than percentage based. I'ts hard to word this bit, but Nerd Rage is fucking insane for 3 points.
  • Escape Artist – I hate when I remove this. It's just so useful to drop aggro when you get to cover. I love this perk and almost never remove it.
  • Serendipity – I use this in builds that aren't Bloodied. It's just so reliable to become an ultra tank when low on health.
  • Grim Reaper's Sprint – Thanks to 5 unyielding I have 350ap. This procs often enough at 2 ranks and filling up that much AP is truly broken.

If I had to choose other Endurance perks I like they include Cola Nut and Fireproof. Too many endurance perks are just boring weird food/drink things.

My main weapons and their names, no pics unfortunately with server maintenaince:

  1. It Just Works – Two Shot/Explosive/Reduced Weight Ultracite Laser Rifle
  2. The Default – Bloodied/Explosive/Agi Handmade Rifle
  3. Blood Sweat and Gauss – Bloodied/Explosive Gauss Rifle
  4. Emperor Palpatine – Quad/10% Damage While Aiming/Faster Reload Tesla Rifle
  5. Infusion – Bloodied/10% Damage While Aiming/Per Plasma Flamer
  6. Kill him softly – Bloodied/Power Attack Damage/Str Boxing Glove
  7. Atom's Blood – Bloodied/Limb Damage/Agi Gamma Gun
  8. Uncle Jack – Bloodied/Faster Fire Rate Pump Action Shotgun

Those are the weapons I have on my person at all times. And I'm almost always tinkering with a different gun to see what works or is fun. I have an insane amount of weaponry and will pick and and store away basically every ammo type. One of my mules is currently sitting on 150+ Mini Nukes waiting for some Fatman Buffs/Bug Fixes. Some honorable mentions:

  1. Two Shooter Boomer – Two Shot/Faster Fire Rate Auto Grenade Launcher
  2. PEWPEWPEWPEW – Quad/Faster Fire Rate/Faster Reload Crossbow
  3. The Erection – Bloodied/10% Damage While Aiming/Agi Crossbow
  4. Thunk – Bloodied/Faster Fire Rate/Faster Movement Speed Missile Launcher


  • Unyielding/Poison Resist/Reduced Fall Damage Forest Scout Chest using Dense mod
  • Unyielding/Powered/Sentinel Marine Armor Left Arm using Stabalized mod
  • Unyielding/Powered/Sentinel Combat Armor Right Arm using Deep Pocketed
  • Unyielding/Rad Resist/Sentinel Combat Armor Right Leg using Deep Pocketed
  • Unyielding/Poison Resist/Cavalier Metal Armor Left Leg using Deep Pocketed

I'm always testing what feels better or worse to use. No poison resist sucks. 25 is almost enough, 50 is great. Fall Damage can generally kill me if I play dumb, which I do. I have a plethora of dffering unyielding armor and trial/error testing is my absolute favorite thing to do. These 5 pieces are currently what I'm using. I'm about to test out removing all Powered gear after server maintenance.

Two Shot Auto Grenade Launcher and Bloodied Plasma Flamer This is just a little showing off of the raw damage bloodied/unyielding damage does. Two Shot auto grenade launcher is incredibly fun to use.


These are my favorite spots in order of favorite:

  1. Whitesprings – The robots where my main XP farm point. 2000 per Sentry Bot, 400-700 for the other robots. Then onto the ghouls. My route here would start at the Enclave back entrance, clearing the robots at that gate, clearing the gate near the train station, sniping the 2 Sentry Bots at the main entrance, clearing the northern row of houses, clearing that gate, clearing the green and a broken wall area with robots, then clearing the presidential row, then finally the golf club. Would run this route in reverse order too. Usually if I started from the Golf Club I would also sprint through the southern golfing greens and clearing the robots. This was purely for XP.
  2. West Tek – In this clip I'm using X-01 Power Armor with the Emergency Protocols mod and a Bloodied Minigun with shredder muzzle. Just showing how hard you can get swarmed. But I love this spot. The exterior lets me enjoy my Two Shot Auto Grenade Launcher and the interior lets me go full on Doom Shotgun mode. Without question the 2nd best XP farm point.
  3. National Isolated Radio Array – 15 Super mutants, a couple of dogs and a couple of ghouls. This building is also jam packed with screws/circuits/fiberglass. Super quick and easy to clear out. The rooms offer incredibly good cover. You can almost never get swarmed in this spot like you can in some other mutant filled areas. In that clip I'm using a Bloodied/Faster Fire Rate pump action shotgun.
  4. Abandoned Bog Town – The original clear event seems to spawn super mutant behemoths uncommonly. I saw a behemoth spawn here 4 times this weekend. Its super easy to take this place then wipe out all of the buildings not in the Workshop zone. There's at least a dozen ghouls or super mutants hiding in the buildings, often I see legendaries from these guys. If you do the Enclave Event here, the buildings near that area are full of enemies. Berry Mentats highlting them made me realize how much I'd been ignoring. Plus there's a secret room in the main building thats got like 20 screws in it. Go explore this entire place. The Adelaide's Cafe usually spawns tons of alcohol/nuka too. There's also a TON of fertalizer/cement bags waiting to be found. Yeah I love this spot.
  5. Creekside Sundew Grove, Mac's Farm, Bootleggers Shack – I'll lump these all together as I almost always farm all 3 together. Creekside Sundew Grove spawns enemies fighting eachother. Scorched/Mole Miners/Supers vs seemingly anything. I've seen Sheepsquatch's, Sentry Bots, Ghouls, Liberators. Bootleggers shack is a quick sprint nearby thats full of bloodbugs/ants/bloatflies or ghouls. I go here to grab stuff for the inspect parts daily quest. Then Mac's farm is my go-to for Cranberries. Plus this spot always has a mirelurk queen and I've figured these things out now. Easy farm.
  6. K-Max, Dabney Farmstead – K-max has 3 scorched/ghouls/supers but the area directly north up the road has 2 fighting groups of enemies. These are almost always tough enemies, mirelurk kings/gulpers/anglers spawn here often. I've seen Deathclaws/Megasloths/Sentry Bots too. Good spot to use explosives. Then over to Dabney Farmstead and usually there's a pack of weaker enemies enroute that you can wipe out. Clear/take the workshop for easy XP.
  7. Crevasse Dam, Thunder Mountain – Crevasse Dam has about a dozen Super Mutants and then sometimes bloatflies or ghouls. In the water near Thunder Mountain is 3 Bloodbugs. Near these Bloodbugs are 3 bear corpses. This is my acid route. 1 of the bears is floating in the sky near some trees on the banks of the lake. Thunder Mountain itself is an easy open workshop to grab thats packed with plastic/acid. I almost never go inside, but there's a cafeteria area thats got a bunch of plastic.
  8. Excelsior Model Home, Gulper Lagoon, Highland Marsh – Excelsior has 2 fighting enemy groups and a hermit crab nearby, and sometimes a few more enemies in the distance near the bunker. Usually its anglers/mirelurk kings fighting supers/scorched. Sometimes liberators spawn here too. Mirelurk kings are no joke. These are the few enemies that kill me. Gulper Lagoon has 4 gulpers hanging from the trees. While they're hibernating they take reduced damage, but they're still easy pickings. Highland Marsh is packed full of Mirelurks. A Queen, a King and I think 3 crown enemies in total. Good legendary checking spot. Very very easy to die here as all the enemies hit really hard and its super dark.
  9. Harper's Ferry – This place is just enourmous. I've yet to count the amount of enemies but I love coming here with an Auto Grenade Launcher and just having fun from the rooftops. This is a great spot to do your daily selling to a vendor. Kill all the enemies, looting all their weapons and sell it to the vendor. I usually see legendaries here pretty often, just because it's such a large area.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Big Bend Tunnel and Monongah Substation MZ-03 – In this clip I'm using a Bloodied/Faster Fire Rate pump action shotgun. This was a couple hours before double XP ended so I was going as fast as possible. This spot was one of favorites during double XP. Both areas are in the Savage Divide, but look like the Ash Heap, so they spawn max level enemies. Monongah Substation has robots vs scorched in pretty high numbers. I recall it was about 5 robots vs 10 scorched. Then the Tunnel entrances have at least a dozen scorched in them each and the tunnel itself has 50+ scorched. I lost count.
  • Surface to Air event – In the areas next to a fissure site you can see the scorchbeast spawning in with Berry Mentats. I think in this 1 event I killed over 20 scorchbeasts.
  • Southern Cranberry Bog locations – I'll lump this all together as I always farm them in a group. Basically every location south east of Watoga. The fissure sites offered great XP and the other areas are usually good spots. I tended to avoid them as Mirelurks poison was destroying me and I didn't want to wear a gas mask/bandana to enter the weird foresty bog things. Sunshine Meadows Farm was one of my favorite spots before swapping to Unyielding. But with such low health, poison damage was really hurting so I go there much less.


  • In many locations in the Ash Heap you can buy miners maps. Those awarded me 2000 XP per completion and cost roughly 300 caps to buy 3 maps. I would tend to do this when my normal farm areas where respawning.
  • Workshops are amazing for everything. If you get good enemies clear them out, if you get crappy ones ignore the workshop and grab the next. With the PvP changes for workshops it's 99% risk free. In my 2000 hours I've never been attacked for a workshop.
  • Technical Data was giving 2000 XP as well. I put a few of these in my vendor and now every time I log onto a new server the quest begins but I don't lose any data. Any time I server hopped or got disconnected I would start my farm route turning in Technical Data. And by god did I get disconnected A LOT this weekend.
  • Whitesprings robots are the most deadly enemy I faced. Every time I engaged them I disrespected them and got my ass melted by a surprise laser beam from behind me or an armor piercing 10mm Golden Gun. I basically only use my Auto Grenade Launcher for Whitespring robots now.
  • Strange in Numbers is outright insane. Prior to this weekend I'd never bothered grouping with a mule for the party buffs. Strange in Numbers just made everything feel cooler. It was like being on the moon. I wish there was a way to get these benefits as a solo player. Also Empath is stupid.
  • Berry Mentats are extroadinarily useful. +5 Int was the reason I used them, but the ability to see enemies position was so incredibly invaluable for clear speeds. I'm pretty much now addicted and am working on perfect a route to farm them. Thankfully both normal Mentats and Berry only require flowers, so its a nice jaunt through the forest to craft some. I now farm Berry Mentants and Sugar in 1 hit once every while.
  • I ran out of ammo on on the last day. No Fusion Cells, Plasma Cartridges, 2mm. Basically all I had was the 5.56 for the Handmade. That's when I added the Shotgun into the build as I'm sitting on a mountain of shells. I spent most of today farming/buying ammo. I'm back up to 20k fusion cells and 6k plasmas. I detest running out of ammo in the middle of a grind.

If I can offer 1 suggestion to Bethesda that would get them the most amount of positive player response it would be this:

Reduce the weight of EVERYTHING.

Weights of so many items just create a frustrating game experience. The components of a Mini Nuke do not total up to 6 pounds. A Handmade Rifle does not weigh more than a 50 cal Machine Gun or an Auto Grenade Launcher.

Instead of an ever increasing stash limit, we need a full parse on item weights. Literally everything needs to be adjusted. For the sake of reducing tedium. Because a tedious game is what will drive players away.

Thanks for reading.

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