Necessary Components (more towards beginners)

fallout 4 - Necessary Components (more towards beginners)

Greetings vault dwellers!

I know that there is a good fraction of you that, from what I can tell, know quite a lot about this game so far. I feel as though I've become one with the community too. It's nice to be a part of this great community!

Anyways, I know that you'll be looking at this post and think to yourself, "Well, you're wrong, so there's that…" or, "He's missing something that can be vital to crafting and just survival!" And if I do, correct me, please, I won't get butthurt.

So as you may have already known, that you are capable of crafting a wide variety of things, such as weapons, armor, ammunition, chems, and other items that can be good on your journey to surviving this hell-ish wasteland of Appalachia. And sometimes, you don't have the components to make these such items. Well fear not, for I (as well as the entire community, actually) are here to help!

To start off, I just wanna say that this is going to be a bad idea when mentioning this because odds are, you're not the only player who is also doing this… So don't be mad when you find that these resources aren't here. At that point, try server hopping.

Component list, and the best places (that I know of) to find them:

– Plastic = a necessary item that you should PROBABLY pick up at ANY opportunity you can. seriously, you're going to need these. Useful for making energy weapon ammunition, as well as bulking your junk. Bulking your junk allows you to safe plenty more space in your stash. Especially if you're a hoarder, like myself (I'm pretty sure that I have over 400 pounds worth of components, most I'm trying to sell actually). WHERE to find it? Best option? Camden Park. There are plastic cups on the ground that you can scrap for 1 plastic and one cloth. Check all through the park, and you should get ~32 plastic, which can be amazing!

– Ballistic Fiber = Like plastic, pick it up AS SOON as you see this thing. Mostly found as Military Ammo Bags. you'll need these for mostly crafting items AND repairing more powerful armor such as metal and (i believe) combat armor. VERY VITAL. WHERE to find these? There are TWO locations that I know of. Fort Defiance and Camp McClinktok. Not surprising, huh? look all throughout these two locations and you will find, quite a lot of it. maybe not as much as 50 (and if you do, that's godlike luck right there) but ranging around 20-30. which can be outstanding if you server hop for this.


– Steel = This is used for literally everything… Now hear me out, you may not believe it, you may say, "How could I need steel? Mine is NEVER in short supply!" Yeah, you MIGHT not be in debt of steel as I am. Buuut, if you're like me, who crafting ammo is literally 90% (figuratively) of what I do in this game, then eventually you're gonna look down at your steel and say, "since when did I only have 30 steel?" Trust me. It's GOING to happen one way or another… WHERE it's located..? You don't need me to answer that, do you..? I could name off twenty places, and those could all be located near Vault 76, lmao. But if you want a LEGIT answer, go for Grafton Steel Yard. It offers two extractors that provides A LOT of steel per extractor. You'll not regret it.

– Acid = Now onto a more harder one. Acid is a component that can be used for two (and a half) MAIN uses. Ammo (gunpowder, which is the half, because it is necessary to make ammo), and smelting ore. To some you may say it's no big deal; however, it IS a big deal, you're gonna need this. WHERE to find it? Best options are use the Hemlok Holes Maintenance workshop, and to hunt Yao Gaui and Snallygasters, which the two both drop acid.

– Silver = What in the goddamn?! What are you running out of silver for?! What are you even using silver for, anyways?

– Lead = (I saved the best for last because I hoped that you'd keep on reading. If you did…) Now, ladies and gentlemen, THIS… THIS! Is the definition of a valuable resource! You use lead in crafting armor, for lead lined, and MOSTLY ammunition. WHERE to find it? Boy, do I have the treat for you! I actually know of THREE (and a quarter) locations! First there's The Estates, mainly The Hornwright Estate. Next, the Monorail Elevator. And lastly, the SILOS. Now you may say, "Dweller, oh Dweller, enlighten me, you dear ol' fore-teller!" and the items that you SHOULD be looking for. as it may seem obvious, are cans, tin cans, and dumbbells. A lot of these locations that I mentioned have dumbbells, which I will say, when you're going to the Monorail elevator, make sure you pack LIGHT, because you will be carrying a LOT of pounds on you more than the kid that was bullied in elementary school! The same thing with, well all the other places, maybe except the Hornwright Estate because you have a tinker's workbench nearby there anyways (if you pick locked the door). The quarter of a location I mentioned is the Charleston Fire Department, but I'm pretty sure high level dwellers know how incredibly lucky you'd be if you even got ONE dumbbell there…

But that about does it, fellow Vault Dwellers! I'm sorry if I didn't give any other resources, but this is all based upon personal experience, and what I tended to find. I hope that you can put this to good use. One thing I ask of is don't fight over a dweller because of this… Just server hop. And again, don't be afraid to correct me, or even add something. I'm all ears!

Have a good day, Vault Dwellers!!!

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