Need QOL. Social game but with too many communication difficulties and lack of notes

fallout 4 - Need QOL. Social game but with too many communication difficulties and lack of notes

First of all say hello and since I am new commenting around here … also English is not my native language so apologies but I could transmit properly something.

We need emotes of no microphone, sadness, open to role …

An optional extra icon (or even replacing the normal one) with language flag.

I find it quite sad that they put so much desire to play with me but then they can not know that I can not understand (and now role-playing is one of the biggest attractions of the game), I do not want them to feel as if I ignored them.

From the chat, better not comment anything … (solve a thousand things though).

We have a Vault-Boy with us, because it does not have our "wiki" of the things learned, from equipment attributes, weights, prices, recipes and enemies info (lore, resistance, possible drops that have come out, etc) and zones.

Simply show information that does not require creating or having that object with us to look at it.

Please, I need a "holopedia" and "note books" to separate the lore from the utility ones and know which ones I have "known".

Regarding information on the map. There should be a sidebar with the characters on the map, with their nv and that to put on you highlight your situation on the map.

It would also be interesting to put notes on the friendly players (for example, if you added it as a seller, language, personal friend, real life name, role player, etc.). Putting several custom markers on the map would also be very interesting (although it will cost atoms to increase the limit or resources each marker).


And please, to separate the quantity for sale of legendary of maximum level of arms and armors of those that are not in the info of the camps (asi also we removed those of the clothes).

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All this does not change the gameplay of the game, but it would enrich it with very little probability of new bugs in existing code.

In short, these are the details that differentiate a simple Chinese game from one of great quality. They do not improve the gameplay in itself, but the quality of life of the player in it without the need for great efforts on the part of the development team. Or comment that mods are allowed for the community to better access some facilities without risk of banning. I consider Fallout 76 a great game for its wonderful community.

There are a thousand other improvements (marked enemies for loot, teleport and invisible enemies, choose specific servers, padlock objects, put quantities by pressing numbers instead of a bar, etc …) but those already need more complex programming (some more, others less) but those of quality of life as those commented, I believe that they can have a great impact on the users and a relative low negative risk.

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