New California Is Not For Me. (Beware; Spoilers!)

fallout 1 - New California Is Not For Me. (Beware; Spoilers!)

I had heard a bit about this mod and thought I'd give it a go to satisfy my roleplaying/Fallout itch. I did not go into this with any expectations really, but I am severely disappointed.

Now begins a somewhat long ramble and rant about how I did not enjoy the mod becuase I could roleplay as I wanted to. This does not mean New California is overall bad, or that you will not enjoy it, as it is nothing mroe than a backlash to the unenjoyable experience I have had playing the mod.

Maybe I am a fool, but I like to play a kind, good natured, helpful character in the Fallout setting. That basically boils down to I like to talk to other characters and save as many people as possible, but dont mind getting my hands dirty for a good cause by blowing a few bad 'uns to kingdom come because they deserve it.

Yet the New California prologue does not seem to cater for this.

The very first choice you make in New California even before character creation apparently locks companions and perks away behind a metaphorical wall you may never know about unless you stumble across it.

Fast forward some nice quests with options and consequences, and you have to make a choice whether you fall in line like a good patriotic soldier or whether you fight the uprising. That is shortly after your closest and dearest are killed in a scripted scene.

So strike 1 against playing a save-all character.

I chose to fight the uprising so had to gather the survivors as allies and see how I could help out the place. This meant I spent hours loading and reloading in order to have these allies not get shot by a horde of enemies simpyl because I went through a door and the enemies are there. Time and time again the allies would get shot and die, or end up severely wounded enough to then die from a later scripted explosion as we exit. Oh, and the leader dies because reasons, dooming the whole place to an explosiony deat because apparently if he is going down then it might as well be in a fireball that dooms everyone else.


Strike 2 and 3.

Oh, and a bunch of characters are off screen dying in a location during the uprising.

Strike 4.

Hours past this and the exit is in site from this doomed place. Only for it to turn into a bunch of NPCs running to an enemy gun line that your character has neither the level or equipment to prevent in any way, and is point blank told to 'just run' because self-preservation is everything, but roleplaying how you want to has now taken a backseat.

Strike 5.

I get and understand the post-apocalyptic worst-of-humanity we-are-but-savages setting of Fallout but the actual games (experience of Fallout 3 onwards) show this as but a side and possibility. Yet New California seems to revel in the grim and brutal. After the 'Prologue' the gameplay was nothing short of one firefight after another with hordes of enemies or running from A to B while there are goddamn explosions. (Playing with a controller and vibration on meant that every single accursed explosion made my controller de-connect as NPC allies took damage from the explosions: annoying me both in and out of game.)

Whatever New California wants to be or is or will be, I have no interest in it as it has left a bad taste for mods in my mouth.

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