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So this game would take place after the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam in 2283 and the way I see it would have two different maps (I’ll explain in a second) or one HUGE map. When you open the game during the intro sequence you have a choice. Due to the mass amounts of factions you can side with in New Vegas you are given the choice at the beginning to choose for a second time essentially for New Vegas’s ending. Choice 1 is that the NCR won the battle of Hoover Dam. Along with that if chosen you will be given the choices of the “side factions” like did you go along the diplomacy path with the Brotherhood ,did you ally with the Boomers (Why wouldn’t you), did you ally with the Great Khans, Did you bring the Enclave Remnants into it, etc.

This choice will also as I mentioned earlier have a choice of map. The map will take place in Caesar’s Legion territory. The story with that would be that after the Battle of Hoover Dam Caesar’s Legion was extremely weakened with a large chunk of it’s army decimated by the NCR and The Courier. And another choice that matters that you could make is if you killed Legate Lanius. This will decide the end boss. If you choose to not kill Lanius you would meet him at the end if you choose to kill Lanius you will meet with his successor instead.


The game (if following choices are made) takes place while the NCR is digging into the Legion and wiping out the rest of Legion forces. Here you will meet more factions. You will meet a splinter faction coming from Caesar’s Legion whose goal is to rebuild everything Caesar made they are made up of a majority of The Legions special forces (I forget what they’re called) then there’s the normal Legion. Another new faction you’ll encounter is a group of former slaves that took advantage of the Legions weaker state and rebelled and succeed. They took up arms and have been fighting against the Legion since.

The choice of side factions also decides the NCR’s strength. If the Boomers are chosen the NCR gets artillery units and some air support in the shape of the bomber you get the Boomers. Siding with the Khans comes with the benefits of some extra troops and guns, With The Remnants the NCR now learns how to use power armor and Heavy Troops are replaced with actual power armored troops, and having the NCR ally with the Brotherhood comes in the shape of NCR power armor training, advanced weaponry, and Brotherhood soldiers fighting alongside NCR. This is part 1/3 of my idea so give me a while to type out the other two parts and post them so hang in there!

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