New Features in the PTS – 8-14-20

fallout 3 - New Features in the PTS - 8-14-20

Welcome to the Private Test Server! In this phase of play testing, we’re adding new features like One Wasteland and Daily Ops, and revisiting Legendary Perks. We would greatly appreciate any and all feedback and bug reports you share with us as you dig into these new features. Read on for an overview of each feature so that you’re prepared to check them out in the PTS.

Daily Ops

Put your skills to the test by taking on instanced, randomized, and repeatable encounters called “Daily Ops.” We recommend Daily Ops for characters who are level 50+, and you can participate alone or in a group of up to four players.

  • Our first Game Mode for Daily Ops is called “Uplink,” which involves securing a series of Uplinks to track down and destroy enemies in the Daily Ops location.
  • Each day, Daily Ops will feature a fresh combination of randomized elements to challenge you and keep you on your toes. Randomized elements include:
    • Location: The Burrows, The Burning Mine, Valley Galleria, or Vault 94 (Vault 94 is also accessible during world exploration)
    • Enemy Faction: Super Mutants, Blood Eagles, or Robots
    • Enemy Mutation: Enemy Mutations are a new system applied to every enemy in Daily Ops that will increase the difficulty and may require added strategy. Initial Mutations include:
      • Piercing Gaze: This mutation is always applied to enemies in Daily Ops, which will give them greatly enhanced perception of players
      • Volatile: Enemies will explode on death
      • Active Camouflage: Enemies will be cloaked when not attacking
      • Resilient: Enemies can only be killed by a melee attack
      • Freezing Touch: Enemies will freeze players while attacking in close proximity
  • You can play through Daily Ops multiple times per day, and will receive a base set of rewards every time you complete them. However, there are unique rewards you can try for by completing a Daily Ops within certain time limit tiers once per day:
    • Complete Daily Ops in 16 minutes to achieve Initiate tier, 12 minutes for Paladin tier, or 8 minutes for Elder tier.
    • The higher the tier you achieve each day, the better chances you have at getting unique rewards
    • If you’re shooting to reach Elder tier, we recommend teaming up with at least one other player.

Click here to visit the Daily Ops Feedback thread to share your thoughts with us and other players.

One Wasteland

  • Creature levels throughout Appalachia will now adjust up or down on the fly to more closely match the character level of each player they encounter.
    • This means that the creature’s level, stats, damage, loot, and XP now all simultaneously adjust to each player that comes across them.
    • For example, imagine you are level 300 and your friend is level 20 while fighting the legendary Fasnacht Megasloth.
      • The Sloth, having a minimum level of 20 and a maximum level of 100 will appear to be level 20 to your friend and level 100 to you.
      • The damage you deal to, and damage you take from Sloth will be as if the creature was level 100. Likewise, your friend will deal and take damage as if it was level 20.
      • On death, the Sloth will also drop max-level loot and award more XP to you. Your friend will also receive loot and XP appropriate to their level.
  • These changes will open up many more opportunities to adventure anywhere in Appalachia together with your friends, regardless of any level gaps between you.
  • Additionally, they will make events like Encryptid, Scorched Earth, etc., accessible to many more players, who can now have a more meaningful impact on the outcome of the event without jeopardizing the difficulty.
  • One Wasteland also gives higher-level players more reasons to revisit previously lower-level areas, since creature XP and loot will scale up to better match their character level.
  • Finally, One Wasteland helps smooth out some of the sudden difficulty jumps when newer characters venture away from the Forest into other regions.

Click here to visit the One Wasteland Feedback thread to share your thoughts with us and other players.


Legendary Perks

  • Based on community feedback, we’ve doubled the number of Perk Coins you will receive when you scrap your normal Perk Cards, which means you will be able upgrade your Legendary Perk Cards twice as fast.
    • For example: When you scrap a rank 1 Perk Card, you’ll now receive 2 Perk Coins instead of 1, and a rank 3 Perk Card will now award 6 Perk Coins instead of 3.
  • We’ve implemented new art for the Legendary Perk Cards that we added in the previous PTS. Thanks for your patience while these had placeholder art.
  • The Nuclear Proliferator Legendary Perk Card has been temporarily removed while we address some bugs we discovered shortly before this PTS release.
    • We’re planning to bring Nuclear Proliferator back once we’ve fixed those bugs.

Click here to visit the Legendary Perks Feedback thread to share your thoughts with us and other players.

Armor Ace S.C.O.R.E. Board

Please Note: The Main Menu option for the Armor Ace S.C.O.R.E. Board is currently using a placeholder name. We plan to update it to "Armor Ace" in a future PTS update.

  • Our next patch for Fallout 76 is going to bring an all new themed S.C.O.R.E. Board to the game, called “Armor Ace and the Power Patrol.”
  • You can now earn S.C.O.R.E. by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges in the PTS.
    • It’s not currently possible to unlock the Season rewards in the PTS, but you can help by ranking up as much as possible as you play in the test server.
    • To make it easier and more efficient to rank up, we’ve greatly increased the amount of S.C.O.R.E. you will earn from Challenges in the PTS.

Additional Changes


  • Bonus Damage: We’ve made adjustments to the way damage bonuses are calculated to make the resulting damage from multiple buffs more predictable and allow future improvements.
    • This may result in some changes in damage output for some combinations of buffs.


  • Secret Service Armor: Plans for Light and Ultra-Light Limb Mods for Secret Service Armor have been added, and they are now purchasable from Regs in Vault 79.
  • Shotguns: Fixed an issue affecting Suppressor Shotgun Mods that could cause the weapon’s range value to be negative.


  • Tank Killer: Pistols now benefit from the Tank Killer Perk Card.


  • Vault 94: Is now accessible during world exploration in Adventure Mode and Private Worlds.

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