New Players: Trying to get those 1400 caps every day from the vendor bots, but still struggling? Here’s a solid option.

fallout 6 - New Players: Trying to get those 1400 caps every day from the vendor bots, but still struggling? Here’s a solid option.

Feel free to add in your suggestions as well to help out the community! I also love seeing how other players have developed personal strategies on this area!

Are you a new (or maybe returning) player that is still trying to accumulate caps but finding it challenging?

Find the plans for Marine Tactical Helmet; even if it means buying from a player vendor for more than base price, because you’ll recoup that amount quickly. Each MTH costs 3 Rubber, 1 Glass & 1 Plastic to craft.

Then do the following.

With a <10 minute run to Grafton (Basketballs and Kickballs in the gymnasium scrap for about 81+ Rubber) & Point Pleasant (28 Mothman Eggs), you can end up with 35 Marine Tactical Helmets to sell for up to 31 caps each (1085c) and 35 Mothman Egg Omelets to sell for up to 10 caps each (350c). That clears out the 1400 caps, and leaves you some surplus. Super Duper 3 is important for this part, you end up with 30% more crafting totals. Normally 81 Rubber lets you make 27 MTHs, but with SD3, that’s usually 35. Same for MMEOs; 28 eggs (which is what you should be able to get from Point Pleasant, at the Mothman statue and the ‘altar’ by the water) makes 28 omelets, but +30% = 36. One to use and 35 to sell.

Note: These will respawn for you to collect again after 20 hours; of they aren’t there after 20 hours, you can server hop to check again.

Key points: Get your effective Charisma as close to 25 as possible. This is where the vendor purchase prices max out and selling prices min out. Here’s an easy way to get there.

• ⁠Hard Bargain 3: +9 Cha (invisible; doesn’t show in your Pip-Boy, but it’s actually factored in at the vendor)

• ⁠Military Fatigues (Shielded Lining) +3 Cha (If you cant get that level, Treated or Resistant lining gives you +1 Cha). Other outfits can also be modded for Cha bonuses, as well, but it seems like it’s easier to find the Fatigues and it’s related mods, at least to me.

So that’s +10-12 Cha, with no timer.

The following bonuses have a time limit, so use them in the listed order to maximize your time. But once you’re in the vendor, even if the timer expires, the prices stay the same, so don’t feel rushed.

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• ⁠MMEO (Mothman Egg Omelet) +2 Cha (30 minutes). You should be able to craft these naturally; I don’t think you need to find a recipe.

• ⁠Grape Mentats +5 Cha (10 minutes) <Note, if you have the Healing Factor mutation, then this is reduced to +2, but with Class Freak 3 it’s only reduced to +4). While you can craft these, many players sell them for cheap. I only charge 9c for mine.


• ⁠Beer (or most other alcohol) +1 Cha (5 minutes). If you can’t find free alcohol, you can craft it, but it’s practically everywhere anyways.

That’s +8 Cha for the next 5 minutes.

All these stack, so you’ve got a bonus of +18-20 overall. Perhaps +17 if you don’t have the Shielded Military Fatigues, or even +15 if you have Healing Factor and no Class Freak. (Healing Factor reduces Chem effects by 55%; Class Freak reduces mutation negative effects by up to 75%.

With the right setup, you don’t need a lot of points in Charisma to make this work. While I run Cha 9 (so I can share up to a 3* Perk Card when I’m teamed up) you could do this with just a Charisma of 6.

• ⁠+12 from gear & Hard Bargain 3 • +7 from Chems, Food & Drink, even with Healing Factor & Class Freak 3.

As long as your Charisma in the Pip-Boy shows 16 or higher, then with Hard Bargain 3 you’re at 25+ at a vendor bot. If you can’t quite get there yet, just get you Charisma boosted as high as you can. Unless you’re going for a specific build, I don’t recommend a Charisma higher than 6, really. Only if you’re constantly teaming up is it worth it, IMO.

Then, what to sell?

First sell any Aid items that are about to expire that you won’t be immediately using or able to convert to something else. Better to get some caps than more Spoiled food…

Then any bulked junk that you don’t think will sell in your vendor. Typically that will be Steel, Wood, Concrete, Bone, Fertilizer and sometimes Cork. But very rarely Glass… that’s needed for the helmets. I don’t even bother to bulk glass or rubber at all; it just wastes plastic. Maybe if I’m at over 200 Glass will I bulk then sell.

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Then all but maybe 2 of the MMEOs (I like to offer them for free to anyone that’s about to sell stuff).

That usually gets me 500 caps, leaving about 900 caps left to acquire. 29 MTHs get that covered. Which leaves me with 6 leftover for next time. But I usually put those in my vendor for 25c. But don’t be afraid to sell all the MTHs; you can make more every day.

This is also why I sell everything in my vendor for about 20-50% base price. Anything that vendors is gravy, because I never really need to sell anything to the bots except near-spoiled food, excess bulked junk and the MTHs & MMEOs.

Best of luck!

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