New Power Armor mod Suggestions

fallout 6 - New Power Armor mod Suggestions

the current selection of good mods is a little small in my opinion. here are some new power armor mod ideas, some of them currently may be too strong or too weak to be added into the game without some reworking but some power armor variance could be fun to play around with.


· Night vision goggles – headlamp alternative – invisible headlamp that allows for the same effect as most night vision goggles, would be very bright when there are light sources of any kind. Would make eyes of any power armor dimly glow green

· Scrap Sniffer – highlights all items a bright yellow containing resources marked for search (magnifying glass icon)


· Prototype Shield System – -50% damage when standing still, but drains fusion core charge the more damage that is resisted (not reduced by power user)

· Storage Compartments – +100 carry weight

· Hauler Bypass – When over-encumbered allows you to move at normal speed without using AP at the cost of 2 times fusion core drain rate (does not allow fast travel)

· Solar Converter – between the hours of 6AM and 6PM power armor does not lose fusion core charge

Torso Sub slot (secondary mod slot. Basically, changes fuel type)

· Fusion Core Subsystem – Current Default


· Ultracite Subsystems – requires you to use Ultracite fusion cores to power your armor. They could offer twice the duration by default. Grants -20% damage from Scorched and Scorch beasts and increases rad resist by +150 (could be obtained from the queen)

· Plasma Subsystem – Changes required fuel from fusion cores to plasma cores, but lowers the duration of the cores by 30% in power armor

· Ultracite Plasma Subsystem – Increases the duration of plasma cores by +40% that of normal fusion cores. Grants -20% damage from Scorched and Scorch beasts and increases rad resist by +150 (could be obtained from the queen)


· Compensating Bracers – +10% gun accuracy per arm

· Overclocked Joints – increases melee damage +10% but increases melee durability drain by +15% per arm

· Modular Knuckles – allows use of unarmed melee weapons at a swing speed penalty (slow swing speed if only using 1, normal if using 2)


· Silenced Shocks – reduces walking noise and makes it harder to be detected in power armor

· Spring-Loaded shocks – Increase jump height by +30% per leg (could stack with marsupial mutation)

· Hover Vents – Lower falling speed by 20% per leg (could be good with the jetpack to “fly”)

oh, and fix explosive vents and power armor stomping

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