New to FO4, want to make a sneaky sniper/pistols character for survival mode, looking for advice

fallout 5 - New to FO4, want to make a sneaky sniper/pistols character for survival mode, looking for advice

Hey reddit, I've finally picked up a copy of Fallout 4 GOTY edition on PC and I want to do survival playthrough as a stealthy assassin/agent character. I played both Fallout 3 GOTY (perfect character playthrough, focused on melee and power armor in the early game), and Fallout New Vegas GOTY (Grunt character playthrough focused on ballistic weapons and medium armor) on Xbox 360, so while I've had some experience with Fallout before, I have yet to do a full stealth character or play on PC.

I've done a bit of scouting on the wiki for gear and I am quite interested in the Tinker Tom Special sniper rifle (which I believe I can re-chamber into a more damaging calibre for the late game) and the Deliverer 10 mm pistol (apparently 10 mm ammo is super common like in FO3), both of these I can gain from helping the Railroad, who are focused on clandestine activities, which would make them a good fit for this character.

For my starting SPECIAL, I was going to pump Perception, Agility and Luck at the expense of Strength, Endurance and Charisma. Intelligence I'd put enough in to have points available on level up (is that still a thing without skills?) and modify my weapons. I'm a little worried about how ditching Strength on Survival Mode will affect my carrying capacity (I don't plan to use free pack mules followers as Skyrim has taught me they really screw up sneaking), should I put a few pity points into it early on so I can not worry too much about running out of 10 mm ammo half way through a fight? I don't think I'm going to care much for the settlement building portion of the game beyond building a personal base for income and storage purposes (I certainly won't be salvaging a whole lot of stuff to sell like I did in the last two games), so I feel pretty safe in ditching Charisma (apparently it's been moved away from speech checks and more into settlement management), and Endurance just doesn't seem worth it on a character who doesn't get into direct combat if possible. Does this spread sound ok?

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Perks I haven't planned yet, I'll probably focus on improving sneak early on, then my main weapon and VATS perks, then crafting and utility (lockpicking) for the late game. I'd like to hear what perks you guys find indispensable and what I should avoid if possible.

Finally I'm not sure what apparel I'll wear, definitely something light that won't affect my sneaking too much (power armor is obviously out of the question). I've read that the Railroad gives you a modification called ballistic weave that raises the defense stats of non armored clothing pretty substantially, which sounds perfect if I can find something that fits with my RP.

I'd really love to hear any advice you guys have for Stealth Builds, or tackling Survival in general, plus any tips for my first playthrough of the game.

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