No Grumbles Here – Long Time Player and Still Loving the Game

fallout 8 - No Grumbles Here - Long Time Player and Still Loving the Game

I’ve unfollowed and followed this sub a few times, and it’s always been because of the sour posts that seem to flood it.

My take on Fallout is that while it’s a little buggy at times, it has been one of my favorite games to play each year, and particularly fun during the pandemic.

For any new players who might feel dissuaded by the negativity of this sub, let me tell you that the game is truly worth while, and I think you should dip your toe in. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s that have kept me happy with it:

  • Play more than this game. This isn’t an MMO. You won’t find enough content, and you’ll eventually just get bitter. Treat it less like World of Warcraft, and more like Fallout 3, knowing a few DLC will come along here and there to bring some new, short-term fun.

  • Don’t minmax. There is really very little reason to grind out perfect gear. Story content is never gated by gear, so without PVE or PVP pressures I’ve yet to find a reason to invest a hundred hours to get perfect 3 star sets. Recognize grind mechanics as filler content to appease people who ignored the first bullet. I still wear mostly non-legendary combat armor and have meh weapons, but I do really well for myself and I look like a rad black ops ninja.

  • Role-play, even if only in your head. I feel silly talking and role playing aloud with other people, but I can get very invested in my character by making choices consistent with the narrative I’ve built around him.

  • Deep-dive into the lore. Much like what I read about the impending Cyberpunk, the main narrative of this game doesn’t take long. Bethesda are exceptional at environmental and side quest story telling, and I encourage anyone to really spend their time slowing picking through the world.

  • Save a town or sub region for a rainy day. Hundreds of hours in and I have still yet to explore several points of interest, like Grafton and really anything in Toxic Valley. There are still so many other areas to explore and stories to follow, and I like knowing that should I want more content than the devs are pumping I will have another 10-20 hours of content in my back pocket.

  • Dabble in Nuclear Winter. I play Apex with a few close friends, and Nuclear Winter just isn’t their Battle Royale of choice. I get it, it’s a very different experience. It feels clunkier in some ways, but I find it just as enjoyable in small doses.

  • Don’t grind. Ever. Simply put the grind rewards in this game, be they legendary farming, Wastelanders rep, or even scoreboards are not exciting enough to warrant the huge amount of time invested in them if you aren’t enjoying the activity required. They aren’t meant to be the sole hooks of the game, but rather content for people that don’t abide by bullet point 1 again.

  • Build a real base. Easily my biggest hook in the game is finding fun places to build realistic camps, to work with limited resources and space, and to imagine how my camp would really need to keep my character safe in post apocalyptic America, while still being realistic for him to build. It’s part role-play, part The Sims, part survival genre.

  • Lastly, don’t get hung up on what isn’t. Stop yourself when you think “why doesn’t Bethesda just fix this one little thing?” Remember, this isn’t your only game, right? Do something else for a while, even if it’s for several months. You’ll find a reason to come back, and you’ll be glad when you do.

I read through this sub occasionally and really get disheartened at all the complaining. I’m sure this post will catch a lot of (nerd) rage (great perk card, IMO), but here is my vain effort to change the tone of this community in some small way.

Edit: Fixed some spelling. Thanks for the unexpected love, I’m glad some people agreed with the post. And those who don’t, I hear you. I’m not saying someone is wrong for playing their way, but for me these “Don’t’s” were pitfalls to avoid becoming bitter, and not just with FO76 but any service game.

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