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Any online community of some size will always have rotten apples, that's unavoidable, but of all the online communities I've ever been part of, this one is by far the kindest and most helpful I've ever known. Sadly I feel like our kindness and loyalty has been abused for too long now by Bethesda. Fallout 76 has received a lot of hate from the internet and I feel like we have rushed to its defence for all the wrong reasons. I think too many of us have seen these criticisms as attacks on us or the employees and not on a company that has proven over and over that they don't care for the community or the quality of their product. I think it's time we all accept that Fallout 76 is fun in spite of and not thanks to Bethesda. I feel sorry for the employees who need to suffer through this, but that's just no reason to keep sparing Bethesda as a company.

  • the game is full of annoying inconveniences created by the devs only to sell us the solutions for money
  • countless bugs continue to go unadressed, some stemming from the game's beta or even Fallout 4
  • the game sorely lacks end-game content and combats this with horrible RNG and timegating of just about anything meaningful to do in the game
  • to further pad out the end-game grind, they refuse to do anything about the complete lack of viable build diversity
  • despite this, any possible incentives are withheld because all meaningful rewards are instead put in the atomic shop for money, which in turn leads to the few timed events feeling very lackluster and unrewarding
  • many of the microtransactions that people are expected to pay for are low quality, more on the level of free mods, full of bugs that make them unusable or game-breaking, deliberately withheld from the base game despite the assets simply being FO4 ports only to sell them later, and/or hidden in a bundle that forces you to spend more than what you want
  • arguably the most loyal and supportive customers who subscribe to FO1st not only pay a steep monthly cost when compared to other games, they have consistently been lied to about the rewards they'd be getting with no apologies or explanations
  • Bethesda in general rarely ever speaks honestly and openly about the miriad of issues that plague the game and everyone knows about, not to mention issuing an apology or compensation
  • even the few new features that don't feel malicious or designed to make us pay even more are designed so incompetently that it boggles the mind how it ever got approved
  • updates are getting more and more rare and often they add at least as many issues and bugs as the ones they fix or fail to deliver on promised content
  • despite all the existing issues and bugs, the devs seem to focus on taking out anything that offers player freedom or fun
  • the season pass system feels like it was deliberately designed to not only give players less free atoms, but actually even motivate them to spend money instead, as anyone with a job or a somewhat busy life will have a hard time finishing the season otherwise

Tl;dr: I've cancelled my FO1st subscription and I'm not spending another penny on the game until I see some major changes to not only the game itself, but how Bethesda treats its customers in general. I love the Fallout franchise, but I'm not going to let my love for it be perverted any further, because Bethesda knows how much Fallout means to some people, and their only question is "how do we monetize that love?"

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