No Non-Cosmetics On The Cash Shop!

fallout 6 - No Non-Cosmetics On The Cash Shop!

In the new Into the Vault there is discussion of adding utility items to the cash shop. I am against this for a few reasons:

  1. The game has a bad enough reputation already. Putting 'pay for relief' items on the cash shop is NOT going to help that out. Youtubers and games media sites are going to gobble this up.
  2. I don't like the way it was just slipped casually into the article: " We also felt we could try out something new with these, both in-game and in the Atomic Shop. As we look to the future, we’re exploring ways we can bring other community-driven ideas to the game as well". 'Try something new' is a pretty euphemistic way to describe cash shopping much-requested utility items. This sounds like more and more non-cosmetic stuff will be coming to the cash shop as well, and I'm not thrilled about Bethesda selling popular community requests in the first place. Many of us paid full price for this game, and even turned the other cheek when it was like half price a week later lol. Let's not go down the road of increasing monetization…
  3. Utility conflicts with gameplay. For example, someone in one of my discords asked if this would be single use or infinite use. My response was that either way it's a bad outcome: Single use = the player base gets milked, Infinite use = some small part of gameplay gets trivialized. Especially bothersome because the timing of these items would coincide with the release of tougher content away from benches like dungeons and later raids… so some people could feel pressured to buy these items for that content.


This is just bad, I think. I bought the game pre-launch despite the stink beginning to spread around the game, I've enjoyed it, and I've spent $50 on the cash shop since then to show my support for the future. But putting ANY kind of utility or gameplay-affecting items on the cash shop is going to sorely test my resolve. Especially since your cosmetics aren't even very good so far…

So if these repair kits show up there, and then fridges, and converters, and all these other neat ideas, I'm likely going to say screw this. It leaves a bad taste and I've had more than enough negativity around this game… most of it from outsiders, but it's so much worse when the source is Bethesda's marketing team.

Hopefully Bethesda realizes their mistake and this does not come to pass. >.<

Source (scroll down to basic repair kits): https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/article/6eQmVlhbjlkX0GzGb7DB3j/inside-the-vault-looking-beyond-patch-8-april-4-2019

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