No water source on prydwen??

fallout 4 - No water source on prydwen??

So i picked up fallout 4 again. I am on ps 4 so no real mods for me.

I decided to try a survival run, siding with the BOS

BTW God bless the authors of UCO clothing overhaul, for giving me that simple backpack for immersion, and of Wasteland addict, for allowing me to gain an empty bottle after i drink purified water ( why doesnt bethesda think of these simple yet foundamental mecchanics ?? )

So the prydwen comes, i get on board and guess what, there is NO way of refilling empty bottles with water!! WHERE do the soldiers drink from?? This is ridicoulous, i am 100% pissed. You know this is not just a lore thing, it is about functional gameplay, i cannot fly ALL the way back to vault 111 to get some water, and it breaks my immersion, and i refuse to build a water pump down at the airport, FFS there MUST be a water source on the prydwen. Tell me i am mistaken, and there is


one last thing, it is incredible how bethesda makes a game mode and doesnt even play test it. Before wasteland addict i had to farm empty bottles above all, just to fill them with water because appearantly my character fcking smacks the bottles on the ground after drinkin

AND you cant even heal yourself without dying of dishydratation, how is a huge intelligence penalty for swallowing a pill, thus needing to farm bottles WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO REFILL THEM, a challenge? God bless wasteland addict mod

Sorry for the rant, i was trying to enjoy this game, after it dissapointed me on launch, but here we go again, thank you bethesda


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