Not understanding all the vitriol tonight.

fallout 6 - Not understanding all the vitriol tonight.

Seeing a lot about people cancelling their orders and refunding the game and such, which really doesn't make sense to me. Why would you cancel your order because you weren't able to play the BETA for a night? I completely understand why this sucks, I was looking forward to playing today but ended up with the same problem as everyone else, but in the end this is one day of many.


And it's not as if Bethesda intended this to happen. When they heard about this they were probably shitting themselves and rushing their asses off to get the problem fixed so people could play the game. Unfortunately it was too late for many, including me, but at least they're trying to make up for it by giving us by extending Thursday's test to a whole 9 hours.

Hope I don't sound like some Bethesda shill for trying to be somewhat understanding. Again, It sucks so many weren't able to play tonight like they were promised, but I think we should all ease up a bit.


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