Notes about Challenges and Easy Ways to get Atoms!

fallout 3 - Notes about Challenges and Easy Ways to get Atoms!

It's been a long time since I have posted on Reddit, but decided to use this opportunity to share some knowledge in regards to challenges that I didn't noticed were posted about prior.

I am a high level player and my current time spent on this game revolves around doing Daily/Weekly challenges. Eventually I got curious and started opting to do the challenges in other categories. That is where I discovered a simple way to get a few extra atoms and satisfy the completionist in me.

Completing a challenge in Combat can unlock other challenges. Since I am writing this off memory, I will refer to the "Mod X Weapon (0/76)" challenge as an example. Although some challenges such as Kill X Enemy and Repair X Weapon work the same way.

Completing Mod Weapons unlocks Mod Ranged Weapons & Mod Melee Weapons

Mod Melee Weapons unlocks Mod One-Handed Melee & Mod Two-Handed Melee.

Mod Ranged Weapons unlocks Mod Pistols & Mod Rifles & Mod Shotgun challenges.

Each of these challenges are worth roughly 40 Atoms each. At some point it occurred to me that Paint counts towards these challenges. So I decided to use the easiest weapon to paint which is the Baseball Bat. It only costs 3 wood to paint the bat and there are places on the map that can give you 200+ wood with the Woodchucker Perk. I've unlocked around 120 atoms by just painting a bat over and over. If you have tricentennial it is even better. I completed Mod Ranged Weapon and Mod Pistols by painting a 10mm pistol 152 times which requires only 1 oil. Hatchet also has Tricenntennial which knocks out Mod One Handed Melee.

Rank Up Perk Card challenge actually works for me now, but it applies if you are ranking up 3 Star cards.


Silver Shroud outfit counts as both formal wear, a hat and a costume. This helped me knock out three challenges at once: Complete an Event While Wearing Formal Wear Complete an Event While Wearing A Costume While in a Group Complete an Event While Wielding a Melee While in a Group

I also crafted+scrapped the Silver Shroud hat to complete the Scrap Hats challenge.

Every Discover Locales at X Region was broken for me, but I managed to find a work around. If you rediscover these locations with a new character while NOT in a team, it will register with the challenge. Being in a team somehow prevents it from registering regardless if your team mates have discovered the location. I managed to complete Forest, Cranberry Bog and Savage Divide this way. Unfortunately Valley Galleria in The Mire never registers and Toxic Valley has two locations that never registered making those two challenges broken.

One unique challenge I was a little disappointed to find out was broken is the Kill Different Kinds of Tough Enemies challenge. While working on this, I noticed that it only registers if you perform the killing blow. Since the Scorchbeast Queen is listed, this would make it possibly the most difficult challenge in the entire game. A group of four of us decided to test this and unfortunately after personally knocking off the last 5%, it would not register.

Well that is all I have for everybody, but I would be interested in knowing what else people have discovered and any other work arounds.

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